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Goal Zero Yeti 3000 Lithium Lightweight Solar Generator Kit - V2 with Wi-fi

Goal Zero Yeti 3000 Lithium Lightweight Solar Generator Kit - V2 with Wi-fi

Goal Zero Yeti 3000 Lithium Lightweight Solar Generator Kit - V2 with Wi-fi
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Ship Weight: 110 lbs.
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Expires: 3/7/2021 *Contiguous United States

The New Goal Zero Yeti 3000 Lithium Lightweight Solar Generator Kit is the largest Goal Zero Yeti in history! Storing over 3000Wh of power for longer run times and serious projects. Includes pre-installed Solar Charging Optimization Module (MPPT), V2 Wifi and App compatibility, as well as mobility wheels and a handle for easy moving. With the included New Boulder 200 Watt Solar Panel, generating big power on the go has never been easier!

Great for use with Smartphones, Lights, Camera Equipment, Tablets, 12V Appliances, Laptops, CPAP, Display Monitors, Blenders, Speakers, Drills, Grills/Smokers, Power Tools, TV/Electronics, Fridges and much more!
Features new Mobile App functionality. Wirelessly control your Yeti from almost anywhere, with the new Goal Zero Yeti App!
Includes New USB-C Power Delivery ports. Easily output the latest in USB specs, with one USB-C port and one USB-C Power Delivery (PD) Port. This output allows users to charge high-power laptops through USB, as opposed to AC power.
Gasoline-Free Generator Alternative- From phones to fridges, power tools to lights, all the power and outputs needed to get the job done indoors and out without the noise, fumes, or maintenance of a traditional inverter generator.
Lightweight lithium batteries yield long runtimes and extended 18-month shelf-life. High quality cells feature additional monitoring electronics for superior management and ultimate safety. The lithium pack is also easily replaceable.
MPPT Pre-Installed - Includes pre-installed solar charging optimization module that functions as a maximum power point tracker (MPPT), resulting in up to 40% faster charge times, especially from solar panels.
It takes the same amount of time to charge your device from a Goal Zero power pack as it does from the wall.
Includes Wheels and Telescoping Handle - Mobility kit comes pre-installed and can easily be removed when needed.
When charging gear with the Yeti 3000 Lithium, take note of the LCD Battery Display. If you plug in devices that have a high power requirement (a large refrigerator), the charge level of the Yeti can drop very quickly and you may not get exactly 3075Wh of energy. Also, especially when using the AC power output, the Goal Zero Yeti will be converting the energy from the DC power of the battery to the AC power needed by your device. Although your Goal Zero Yeti has a highly efficient inverter, there is still some energy lost in the conversion and you will not get the full rated capacity of the battery.
Cold temperatures (below freezing) can impact the Yeti's battery capacity. If you'll be living off-grid in sub-zero conditions, we recommend keeping your Yeti 3000 Lithium in an insulated cooler, connected to a power source (solar panels), and charging your gear. The natural heat generated by the Yeti 3000 Lithium contained in an insulated cooler will keep battery capacity at its highest.
Real-Time, Easy-to-Read Display - Advanced display features a runtime/recharge time estimator, as well as an output and input meter and a battery percentage indicator.
The included Boulder 200 Solar Panel is built with a lightweight, durable aluminum frame and tempered glass. Great panels for semi-permanent or permanent installations.
The Solar Panel comes standard with Anderson Powerpole Output cable for Charging and Chaining
The Boulder 200 Briefcase is waterproof and rugged terrain resistant.
Features included protective Solar Panel canvas bag for easy carrying and storage!
The Boulder 200 delivers up to 200 Watts of power, but the angle of the panels and the cloud coverage can impact its performance. Avoid the shade. It will not work indoors.

Please Note: This product ships via freight carrier. You will need to be present for delivery. Carrier will contact you by phone regarding expected time of delivery.

Having your Yeti 3000 Lithium connected to a power source, like a solar panel or wall outlet, between adventures or while in storage keeps its battery healthy and topped off. This prolongs battery life and will ensure your Yeti 3000 Lithium is charged and ready to go all day, every day.

If you can't keep the Yeti 3000 Lithium plugged into a power source during storage, fully-charge your Yeti 3000 Lithium every 3 months and store in a cool, dry place. Failure to maintain the Yeti 3000 Lithium by following these steps can result in battery damage which will void the product warranty.

Now introducing the Goal Zero Yeti App:

Power at the push of a button
Redefine power at the push of a button with the smart, easy-to-use Goal Zero Yeti App. This revolutionary way to monitor and control the Yeti works seamlessly with your WiFi router for an unprecedented user experience. Available on iOS and Android devices.

Mobile Application
Connect multiple Yetis to a single device, or multiple devices to a single Yeti. Simply Download the Goal Zero Yeti app from iTunes or Google Play Store to get started

Over the air firmware updates keep your Yeti performing at its best and are easily managed within the Goal Zero Yeti App.

Check battery level, power in and out, even turn ports on and off, all from the palm of your hand.

There are 2 ways to charge your Goal Zero Yeti 3000 Lithium:

The Sun
The Goal Zero Yeti 3000 Lithium can be charged by connecting the included solar panel.

The Goal Zero Yeti 3000 Lithium can be recharged from a regular wall outlet in about 25 hours. You can charge your Yeti with solar panels, and a wall charger at the same time.

The Goal Zero Yeti 3000 Lithium can now be recharged via 12V DC Input! The 12V 8mm Car Charger allows the user to recharge the Yeti Generator via Car, Truck, RV, Camper or any 12V Cigarette Lighter Input!

The Goal Zero Yeti 3000 Lithium Powers your devices in 3 ways:

4 high-speed USB ports (2.4A). Great for your phones, tablets, and wearables.

The 12V Output best charges all your 12V powered devices. (10A, 120W max)

AC Inverter
Plug in your device just as you would the wall. There are two AC Outlets (pure-sine wave, 1500W, 3000W surge)

General Information
Manufacturer Name: Goal Zero
Chainable: No
Dimensions: 10.1 x 15.3 x 13.1 in (25.7 x 38.9 x 33.3 cm)
Weight: 67.3 lbs.
Weight(Cart): 8.9 lbs.
Operating usage temp: 32-104 F (0-40 C)
WiFi Protocols: 802.11 b/g/n (802.11n up to 150 Mbps)
WiFi Frequency Range: 2.4~2.5 GHz
Approx. charging time
from the following:
  • Standard input max: 9 hours
  • Combined input max (standard and MPPT): 6 Hours
  • Boulder 100: 34-68 Hours
  • Boulder 200 Briefcase: 17-34 Hours
  • Wall Charger (2x 5A): 25 Hours
Cell Type: Li-ion NMC
Pack Capacity: 3075Wh (10.95V, 280.8Ah)
Management System: Charging and low-battery protection built-in
Lifecycles: 500 Cycles to 80% capacity (Approx. 2000 cycles with depreciation)(Discharge rate: 1C, full charge/discharge, Temp 25C)
Shelf-life: Charge every 3-6 months
Management System: MPPT charge controller, low battery protection
USB Port (output): 5V, up to 2.4A (12W) Regulated
USB-C Port (output): 5V, up to 3A (15W) Regulated
USB PD Port (output): 5V, 12V, 20V up to 3.0A (60W) Regulated
Ac Inverter: 120VAC 60Hz, 10A (1500W, 3000W surge)
6mm port (output, 6mm): 12V, up to 10A (120W max)
12V car port (output): 12V, up to 10A (120W max)
12V Power Pole port (output): 12V, up to 10A (120W max)
AC inverter (output, pure sine wave): 120VAC 60Hz, 12.5A (1500W, 3000W surge)
Charging port (input, 8mm): 14-22V, up to 10A (160W max)
Power Pole Charging port (input): 14-22V, up to 30A (360W max)
Boulder 200 Solar Panel
Manufacturer: Goal Zero
Product Dimensions: Unfolded: 40.0 x 53.5 x 1.75 in (101.6 x 140 x 4.4 cm)
Folded: 40.0 x 26.75 x 3.5 in (101.6 x 70 x 8.9 cm)
Solar Panel Type: Monocrystalline
Rated Power: 200 Watts
Open Circuit Voltage: 18-22V
Ports: Anderson Powerpole: 14-22V, up to 14A (200W max)
Product Weight: 42 lbs (19 kg)
Manufacturer Warranty: 12 months

Product Manual

What's Included:

•  (1) Goal Zero Yeti 3000 Lithium Generator
•  (1) AC Wall Charger
•  (1) Pre-installed MPPT Module
•  (1) Roll Cart
•  (1) Boulder 200 Watt Briefcase Solar Panel with Anderson Powerpole cable and Kickstand
•  (1) Solar Panel Carrying Case

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12V 8mm Car Charger - Yeti Lithium 400, 1000, 1400, 1500X and 3000/X Generators
Efficiently and safely recharge your Goal Zero Lithium Solar Generators via 12V DC input. Designed for use with the Yeti 400 Lithium, Yeti 1000 Lithium, Yeti 1400 Lithium, Yeti 1500X, Yeti 3000x and Yeti 3000 Lithium Solar Generators. Compatible with All Yeti Units (Sealed Lead Acid and Lithium), as well as all Sherpa Models. Perfect for recharging via Car, Truck, Camper, RV, or any female cigarette outlet.
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Goal Zero Yeti 25 Amp Fast Charger - For Yeti Lithium 1000, 1400 and 3000
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Goal Zero Yeti Link Module - Battery Expansion
The Yeti Link allows for an easy plug and play solution for adding additional Lead Acid batteries to the Goal Zero Yeti Lithium 1000, Lithium 1400, Lithium 1500X, Lithium 3000, Lithium 3000X and Lithium 6000X. Designed to be paired with the Yeti Tank.
Reg Price: $439.95
Sale Price: $399.95
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Goal Zero Yeti Tank Expansion Battery
A plug-and-play solution to maintain the multi-use portability of the Yeti Power Station while increasing storage capacity with cost-effective, lead acid batteries. We’ve taken the confusion and guesswork out of building long-lasting energy storage with the Yeti Link Expansion Module and Yeti Tank Expansion Battery.
Availability: no
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Sale Price: $399.95
2X Yeti Tank with Yeti Link Module Kit
A plug-and-play solution to maintain the multi-use portability of the Yeti Power Station while increasing storage capacity with cost-effective, lead acid batteries. We’ve taken the confusion and guesswork out of building long-lasting energy storage with the Yeti Link Expansion Module and 2x Yeti Tank Expansion Batteries.
Availability: no
Reg Price: $1,299.95
Sale Price: $1,099.95
Boulder 200 Briefcase Solar Panel and Carrying Bag
The Boulder 200 Briefcase Solar Panel is built with strong tempered glass and an aluminum frame with added corner protection for temporary or permanent installation. Composed of two Boulder 100 Solar Panels (200 watts total) chained together and connected by a hinge. Equipped with an integrated kickstand to help get optimal angle to the sun. Features handle and included protective canvas bag for easy carrying.
Reg Price: $599.95
Sale Price: $499.95
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Anderson Power Pole 15ft Extension Cable
Add 15' between your Goal Zero solar panels and your power packs with this efficient extension cable, specially designed for Goal Zero. The Anderson Power Pole 15ft Extension Cable keeps your Goal Zero solar panels conveniently connected to Yeti Power Packs for a more efficient use and performance.
Reg Price: $45.95
Sale Price: $39.95
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4x Anderson Combiner to Anderson Connector
The 4x Anderson Combiner to Anderson Connector is designed to safely combine two or more Goal Zero Solar Panels with Anderson outputs into an array with a single Anderson Power Pole (APP) connector. For use with larger Goal Zero Yeti Portable Power Stations with an APP input such as the Yeti 1250, Yeti 1400, Yeti 1500X, Yeti 3000, Yeti 3000X and Yeti 6000X Lithium Power packs.
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Sale Price: $29.95
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Availability: no
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Sale Price: $1,229.99
Dometic CFX 35W Electric Cooler - Wifi App Enabled
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Availability: no
Reg Price: $929.99
Sale Price: $899.99
Extra Large Faraday Duffel Bag
The Extra Large Faraday Duffel Bag isolates multiple devices at the same time from wireless networks. The bag ensures that cell phones, tablets, laptops, and GPS units remain isolated from cell, WiFi, and Bluetooth networks when devices are placed inside the bag. Highest RF signal attenuation on the market with ISOTech faraday fabric. Perfect for EMP protection and personal security.
Reg Price: $659.99
Sale Price: $600.00
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Lighthouse Core Lantern & USB Power Hub
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Availability: no
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Sale Price: $49.95
Goal Zero Solar Crush Light
Hang it, light it, crush it. A solar-powered lantern designed for convenience. Features three light settings and a flickering candle mode. This collapsible solar powered lantern is a lightweight companion to any adventure with 60 lumens of usable light on high, and a 35 hour run time on low. The Crush Light also features a soft, candle flicker mode for ambiance.
Reg Price: $24.95
Sale Price: $19.95
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Lighthouse 400 Lantern & USB Power Hub
The Lighthouse 400 Lantern is a reliable light source and phone charger in one, that delivers up to 48 hours of lighting and charges USB powered devices with power it acquired from USB sources, the Nomad 7 Solar Panel or from having its built in crank turned.
Availability: no
Reg Price: $79.95
Sale Price: $69.95
Light A Life 350 LED Light
Bright and chainable LED light with 4.5 watts of power output and 350 Lumens comes with an adjustable shade for lantern or focus light. For use with Goal Zero Sherpa and Yeti Solar Generators and Power Packs.
Reg Price: $44.95
Sale Price: $39.95
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Light-a-Life Mini Quad USB Light Set with Shades
Four 110 lumen LED lights with colored and white shades included. Collapsible diffuser for lantern or area light. Chain two quads together for maximum light.
Availability: no
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Luci Pro Lux Solar Lamp with Mobile Charging
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Sale Price: $39.95
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Luci Outdoor 2.0 Inflatable Solar Light
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Solo Stove Bonfire
The Solo Stove Bonfire is unlike any other fire pit you’ve ever seen! We have used our same patented technology that has been perfected into a portable fire pit to take along on trips or to enjoy at home. The best part? Nearly no smoke and minimal ash left over! Making the Bonfire not only easy to clean up, but won’t leave you smelling like campfire.
Reg Price: $349.99
Sale Price: $299.99
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The Solo Stove Lite
The Solo Stove Lite is the perfect addition to any backpacker’s bag as a lightweight cooking stove for one to two people; and the best part? No fuel to carry! Your food shouldn’t depend on carrying or finding a place that sells gas when nature provides the perfect tinder and wood all year. Now you can minimize your pack weight and your footprint with this ultra-efficient stove.
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Sale Price: $69.99
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Katadyn Pocket Micro Water Filter
The Katadyn Pocket is the most rugged, longest lasting water filter available. Its aluminum pump construction and durable ceramic filter provide reliable performance, even in the most challenging conditions. The Pocket is the only portable water filter with a 20 year warranty.
Availability: no
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Sale Price: $369.95
Duracell Lithium Ion Jump Starter
NEVER GET STRANDED with a dead car battery again! With the Duracell Lithium Ion Jump Starter in your glove compartment a dead car battery becomes an easy jump instead of a major hassle. Jump-starts your car, truck and much more. Safely and easily starts all types of 12V lead-acid batteries, including trucks, cars, hybrid starter batteries, boats, motorcycles and personal watercraft.
Availability: no
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GoSun Go Portable Solar Cooker
The GoSun Go is our most portable and affordable solar oven ever. This 2LB (0.9kg) sun oven is versatile and durable enough to take anywhere and comes with the power to boil water. Cook a meal in as little as 20 minutes. Perfect for Off Grid homes, days at the beach, Hiking, Backpacking or a classic backyard barbecue!
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100% Recommend this product (3 of 3 responses)
By Joyce
Spring Hill, Florida
Love this generator!
July 18, 2019
Being 65, I’m getting a little to old to bring a gas Generator out of the shed at night along with containers of gas...decided to try the Yeti Goal Zero 3000w/200 solar panel...Earthtech was really great! They gave me lots of info on the product before I chose, my Yeti came fast, safe, accurate... they let you know other accessories that go with the product, if they’re out of stock on item, they’ll notify when they get it in...well, lights go out a lot in Florida, so I’ve already had opportunity to try it, AMAZING!! I just leave it plugged in, always fully charged, lights went out, I just rolled it into living room, plugged in two lights, TV, DVD player, watched a movie...lights came back on...I just rolled it back to the charging area, life is awesome... I haven’t needed to plug in the refrigerator yet or plug in the solar panels yet, but so far it’s amazing
Pros Easy! that would be my one word for this yeti 3000, no noise, no heavy lifting, no gas storage, no waiting in gas lines...this generator is right where you are when you need it...
ConsCan?t think of any cons, but I wish they would make their 101 videos easier to understand. I?m 65 yr old woman with no knowledge of things like mttp?s etc... I still don?t know why I got two plug-in cords in the package... I did find out I needed a 15 foot Anderson pole power cord so I could leave my yeti in the house and it would reach out to the solar panel when I need it...but I learned that from Earthtech?s question and answers...I just wish they would show more detail for the person uneducated and not take for granted we know what to do...
Best Uses I bought it for my home... I?m 65, my mom is 85, we can?t be lifting out in the dark, so far I love it for my home...I watched a lot of utubes, have used it for my TV DVD player lights, my mom?s electric recliner...haven?t needed to plug in the refrigerator but it would be easy to, even for me...I also hav WiFi, but haven?t figured it out yet...
By Miles
3000 with solar
June 14, 2019
Product has performed perfectly, exceeded my expectations. Using for off-grid RV camping...ideal!
By Joseph G.
Livingston County, New York
Goal Zero Yeti 3000 is a hit!
April 29, 2019
My Yeti 3000 was as described on website and arrived in great shape. I had a little trouble syncing my android phone with the unit and Becky from EarthTech was great. She sent me step-by-step instructions and I was good to go! Will definitely buy from this company again. Thank you!

24 Questions & 24 Answers
from Northeast PA. asked:
March 22, 2020
I noticed in some of the reviews that you can only attach  2-200 watt Boulder panels to recharge the Yeti 3000 for a total of 400 watts. However, on the Goal Zero web site it shows a chart "Yeti+Solar Charge Times" and at the bottom of the chart it shows the Boulder 200 x 6  and under the Yeti 3000 Lithium it says 3-6 hours. Can you clarify, if you can only attach 2 Boulder 200 panels for a total of 400 watts how can you attach 6 Boulder 200 panels for a total of 1200 watts?


1 Answer
The maximum Solar Input on the Yeti 3000 is 800 Watts of Solar. You can connect 400 watts of solar into the PWM controller on the left hand side of the front of the unit and 400 watts of solar into the MPPT Controller on the top right hand side of the unit. Thank you for your inquiry!
Submitted by: Chris Pesce on March 23, 2020

from Kenn wa asked:
February 7, 2020
Do u carry the yeti shorepower kit and the alternator kit , can a 13,000 btu Ac be run if shorepower and/or alternator kit in use ??
1 Answer

We do not carry any items called the Shorepower Kit, however, we do have the "Integration Kit" which can control which outlets in your home are powered from the generator. The "Car Charging Kit" lets the user recharge their unit from a car's alternator.

AC units are not suitable for standard Solar Generators. They draw a lot of power and typically require very large systems, such as the "Universal 10.4 kWh Battery Backup System".

Thank you for your inquiry!

Submitted by: Chris Pesce on February 10, 2020

Michael Corcoran
from Kennewick, WA asked:
February 6, 2020
Can I operate a 1/2 horse well pump with this unit?
1 Answer
You can indeed! However, the run time will vary based on the number of times the pump turns on daily. Feel free to call us at 877-548-3387 for more information and assistance regarding your specific application. Thank you for your inquiry!
Submitted by: Chris Pesce on February 7, 2020

from Vacaville ca asked:
December 31, 2019
Can I secure the power pac with a cable/chain lock?
1 Answer
Sure you absolutely can! Thank you for your inquiry!
Submitted by: Chris Pesce on January 2, 2020

from Colorado asked:
December 27, 2019
Do you have any Yeti options that do not have wi-fi or internet? 
1 Answer
The Wi-fi feature simply means it can connect to the Goal Zero Yeti Application for remote viewing and operation. All units now include this feature. Thank you for your inquiry!
Submitted by: Chris Pesce on December 30, 2019

from Monterey, California asked:
November 9, 2019
Hi, will the power station, when plugged  into the wall with a sump pump plugged into the power side sense a power loss to the house and  pick up power to the pump?
1 Answer
You can have an electrician configure an automatic transfer switch which will operate in this fashion. For more details on this process, please contact a certified electrician, as this process may differ based on the size and type of home. Thank you for your inquiry! 
Submitted by: Chris Pesce on November 11, 2019

from Dallas, Texas asked:
September 4, 2019


I would like to know if there are any connector cable available so that I could use them to connect 2 of the 200 Watt solar briefcase solar panels to charge the Yeti 3000. What type of connection would be good series or parallel connection to connect both the solar panel boxes.

1 Answer
You simply require a 4X Anderson to Anderson combiner cable. Be sure to never chain the panels together in series. Thank you for your inquiry!
Submitted by: Chris Pesce on September 6, 2019

from Mi asked:
August 24, 2019

Would I be correct in thinking this way on the measurements? 

 Depth 10.1 x Hight 15.3 x Width 13.1 in?

1 Answer
Yes, that is correct! Thank you for your inquiry!
Submitted by: Chris Pesce on August 26, 2019

Houston Young
from VEGAS asked:
July 30, 2019
1 Answer

Thank you for contacting us! We do have an EMP bag available for the Yeti 3000. Please locate the product in the below weblink. Thank you!

Goal Zero Yeti Faraday Case:

Submitted by: Scott on July 31, 2019

from 92081 asked:
November 11, 2018
What is the advantage of having more than one (1) solar panel?
1 Answer
The more solar panels connected the faster the recharge rate. Thank you for your inquiry!
Submitted by: Chris Pesce on November 12, 2018

John Gordon
from Oregon asked:
October 16, 2018
I live in Portland OR . If I were to order the goal zero yeti 3000, how long would it take to get it shipped to me?
1 Answer
Typically, orders arrive within 3-5 business days from when the order is placed. Thank you for your inquiry!
Submitted by: Chris Pesce on October 17, 2018

from Dallas, texas asked:
April 21, 2018
Will rain damage the solar panel?
1 Answer
Rain will not damage the solar panels. Thank you for your inquiry!
Submitted by: Customer Service on April 23, 2018

from Northern california asked:
April 9, 2018
How long will battery last before replacement is required
1 Answer
The battery for the Yeti 3000, typically will last 500 Cycles to 80% capacity. You may notice a drop off in performance at that time in which case it will be time to replace your current battery. Thank you for your inquiry!
Submitted by: Customer Service on April 10, 2018

from Hopkinton, ma asked:
April 8, 2018
Is there an extension cord for boulder 200 solar charge panel available? Thank you!
1 Answer
Yes, this product does have an extension cord available . The Anderson Power Pole 15ft Extension Cable is most commonly used for the Yeti 3000 and you can find the link to this item below: Thank you for your inquiry!
Submitted by: Customer Service on April 9, 2018

Julie S.
from Arizona asked:
March 30, 2018
would this generator kit be able to power a 2000w halogen light fixture? and if so, for how long?
1 Answer
The maximum output of the Yeti 3000 is 1500 watts continuous. This would not be able to power a 2000 watt draw. Thank you for your inquiry!
Submitted by: Customer Service on April 2, 2018

from Vancouver, WA asked:
January 25, 2018
I recently purchased the Yeti 3000 with 200 watt briefcase. If I buy another 200 watt briefcase can the two briefcases be used together? and what would my charge time be using the two briefcases?
1 Answer
Yes, you can use (2) Boulder 200 Watt Solar Panels on the Yeti 3000. The recharge rate with (2) 200 Watt Solar Panels is approximately 9 hours. Thank you for your inquiry!
Submitted by: Customer Service on January 25, 2018

Glyssette M Rodriguez
from San Juan, Puerto Rico asked:
November 14, 2017
Hi can I charge it with the electricity and solar at the same time? and if lights go out and the generator is hook to the wall, when the electricity comes back can the generator suffer any damage?
1 Answer
Yes, you can recharge the unit via solar input and AC power simultaneously. In the event of an outage, power returning will not damage the unit. Thank you for your inquiry!
Submitted by: Customer Service on November 14, 2017

from Leesburg, VA asked:
November 12, 2017
Would this be a good product to use on a daily basis for a remote office? I have a small building and would like to convert it into an office. So I would need continuous power for a laptop, mifi device, a lamp or two (for evening hours only) and perhaps a small space heater (not continuous - just a little to take the chill off). I was thinking I could position and secure the solar panels on the roof, drill a small hole to bring in the cords to store the Yeti indoors. Interested in your thoughts! Thank you!
1 Answer
It is possible to run most of the items that you are referring to. We would like to do a proper analysis for you so if you could please provide us with the wattage of each of the items we will be able to give you more of a definitive answer. Any heating source that is solely electric will draw the battery down much faster then you think so we normally do not recommend using solar to operate a heater of any size. Please send us the information so we can better assist you.
Submitted by: Customer Service on November 13, 2017

Nancy White
from Providence Nc asked:
October 13, 2017
How is solar panels connected to generator. If by cord how long is it or does it have to be near charger . Can panels be connected continuously.
1 Answer
The Goal Zero Solar Panels are connected via the Anderson Power Pole or 8mm input. The standard Boulder 50-100 cables are just under 6ft in length. We offer 15 and 30 ft extension cables if more distance is required. You can connect up to 400 watts of solar panels to the Yeti 3000. Thank you for your inquiry!
Submitted by: Customer Service on October 16, 2017

from Lake Placid, FL asked:
October 8, 2017
Can the Yeti 3000 be charged by the solar panels while in use? Will the solar panels keep the battery charged while using a regular fridge?
1 Answer
Yes, the most optimal operation time will be seen when using the bulk of your output power while simultaneously recharging the generator via solar input. We recommend (2) Boulder 200 watt solar panels when operating a standard energy star refrigerator. The operation time will vary based on the refrigerator's power draw. Thank you for your inquiry!
Submitted by: Customer Service on October 9, 2017

from Charlotte, NC asked:
October 4, 2017
will it power a RV 13,500 BTU air conditioner and how long? Thanks
1 Answer
The Yeti 3000 will be able to power 13,500 BTU air conditioner for an hour or two. I would not recommend portable solar generators for powering an air conditioner unit. The Earthtech Products 12 kWh system would be a better option: Thank you for your inquiry!
Submitted by: Customer Service on October 4, 2017

from TX asked:
October 1, 2017
How many Boulder 200 panels can be attached at one time? What is the "charge time" using 400 wt?
1 Answer
You can use up to 2 Boulder 200 watt panels and it would charge up the Yeti 3000 in approximately 10 hours.
Submitted by: Customer Service on October 3, 2017

Alan Brzezinski
from Parker , CO asked:
September 30, 2017
What do the replacement batteries cost ?
1 Answer
The replacement batteries are not available at this time. There will be replacement batteries released in the near future. We do not have an exact date or price at this time. Thank you for your inquiry!
Submitted by: Customer Service on October 2, 2017

Alan Brzezinski
from Parker , CO asked:
September 30, 2017
can you add more panels to decrease charge time ?
1 Answer
Yes you can add up to 400 watts of solar. Please let us know if you have any other questions.
Submitted by: Customer Service on October 3, 2017

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