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Benefits of Solar Powered Generators Vs. Gas Powered Generators

Benefits of Solar Powered Generators Vs. Gas Powered Generators

Posted 10-31-2017 | Filed under Emergency Preparedness | Comments (0)

Solar Powered GeneratorWhen the rain falls and the wind sounds like a freight train, the last thing you want is a power outage. During major storms, you could be without power for days or longer, it’s important to have a generator. Solar powered generators have many advantages over their gas powered counterpart.

Good Luck Finding Gas during a Major Power Outage

Solar powered generators use the power of the sun, so there’s always power during the day and with a battery, there’s power at night as well. Even during cloudy days, solar generators work to create electricity. There’s an endless abundance of fuel that you’ll never have to replace.

That’s not the case with gasoline generators. Once the fuel is gone, the generator is useless. You’ll have to go find more fuel and in times of distress that can be difficult. Gas stations quickly run out of fuel as people leave the area in droves and it could be days before tankers show up to replenish it. The other option is to stockpile fuel, but then you have a potential explosion hazard in your home.

Noisy Generator Brings Nosy Neighbors

Solar generators are silent. The panels are small and unassuming and there are no moving parts to create noise and alert those nearby. You have power to your home and appliances and no one else is the wiser.

Gas powered beasts can be heard a block away. They use internal combustion engines to ignite the gas that powers the generator and creates the electricity.  This makes a lot of noise that alerts everyone nearby that you’ve got power and they don’t. During times of crisis, we’re sure you would have no problem helping out your neighbors, but there are others out and about such as looters and criminals that may take advantage of your hospitality.

Solar Backup Generators Are Always There When You Need Them

Have you ever watched a horror movie where people are out in the forest alone and suddenly their gas powered generator goes out? They’re plunged into darkness and when someone goes out to fix it…BAM!...eaten by a mutant cave troll. They’d be safe and sound if they had a solar powered generator.

The problem with internal combustion engines is they have moving parts that easily break. The combustion isn’t 100 percent clean, so nearby parts get dirty. Gas powered generators need regular maintenance and far too many people have counted on them during disasters only to have them not work.

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