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Prime Day Sale + EXTRA 10% Off! Code: PD24 EXP: 7/16
Prime Day Sale + EXTRA 10% Off! Code: PD24 EXP: 7/16
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The Top 5 Best Solar Generators For 2019

Posted 12-7-2018 | Filed under Product Guides | Comments (0)

2019 is bound to be an exciting year for both new technology and energy production and storage solutions. With solar panels and battery technology becoming more efficient and powerful by the day, we are bound to see plenty of positive changes in the new year. We have put together a list of the most up to date and advanced solar storage systems, to help you find exactly what you need at the start of 2019.

Goal Zero Yeti 1000 Lithium Portable Solar Generator Kit

The Classic Yeti 1000 is the perfect balance of price and power. The 96.8 Ah lightweight Li-ion battery makes this unit not only powerful, but portable. The built-in pure sine wave inverter outputs up to 1500W of continuous power with a 3000W surge, for running high-power devices such as power tools. With the newly included MPPT Charge Controller, you can recharge the unit faster and more efficiently than ever. The Yeti 1000 is great for powering a mini refrigerator, a couple LED lights and all of your smart devices.
Kodiak Lightweight Portable Solar Generator

The Kodiak Lightweight Solar Generator was one of the most popular units of 2018 and is expected to be even bigger in 2019. With the super lightweight construction and 2000 charge cycle lifespan, it is hard to top this Powerhouse from Inergy Solar. The most unique features of this system are the 30 Amp RV output plug, 12V input options and external battery port for easy expansion. Be sure to check out the Related items tab for specially designed EMP Bags for protecting your Kodiak, Solar panels and tech devices.
Natures Generator Portable 1800 Watt Solar and Wind Generator Kit

Another wildly popular unit in 2018 is the Natures Generator 1800-Watt Solar and Wind Generator Kit. With the recent Wind Turbine add on release, this system is guaranteed to be the one to watch in 2019. With limitless Battery Pod and Solar panel expansion, this system can turn from a portable tailgating system to a stationary powerhouse overnight. The Brand-new Natures Generator Power Transfer Kit can be used to even control what outlets in your home are powered directly from the Generator. No more messy extension cables needed!

Humless Universal 10 Battery Backup System

Quite possibly the most exciting unit of 2019, is the revolutionary Humless Universal 10 Battery Backup System. With this unit, you can store power from your grid tied or off-grid solar panels and protect your home from power outages. Featuring a massive 5000 watt continuous, 7500 watt peak pure sine wave inverter, giving you the ability to power just about anything in your home or off-grid residence. The unit is expandable in everyway and can easily create a self-sustaining home. One of the few units on the market that can output 120V and 220V, it is universally compatible regardless of location. This is the future of Green energy production and storage.

Earthtech Products Max 4800 Watt Hour Solar Generator

When comparing cost of system to the amount of power received, nothing beats the Earthtech Products Max 4800 Watt Hour Solar Generator with 1060 Watts of Solar Power. Includes 400 Amp Hours of storage power and four powerful 265 Watt solar panels. This kit is perfect for powering a full-size energy star Fridge, 110V pumps, LED lights, Television, and your important Smart devices. This system has been a staple in the affordable solar market for years and will continue to retain this title well into 2019.

After all is said and done, any of these units will come in handy in the event of an outage. If you have any concerns about your needs or would simply like a quick consultation, we are just a phone call away (877-548-3387) and are happy to offer our expertise on all of your Generator needs!
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