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Fathers Day! + EXTRA 5% Off! Code: SM24 EXP: 6/24
Fathers Day! + EXTRA 5% Off! Code: SM24 EXP: 6/24
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What Would We Recommend? Monument Lighting

Posted 9-15-2019 | Filed under What Would We Recommend? | Comments (0)

Welcome to the next installment of “What Would We Recommend?”, where we introduce a theoretical subject matter and offer multiple Solar Lighting and Power Solutions. Today's focus; Monument/Statue Lighting.

Proper illumination is a key factor when effectively introducing a sculpture or work of art into an outdoor space. Lighting can transform a simple, uninviting backyard, into a warm and comforting space. This affect can be achieved by highlighting focal points, such as your favorite statue, monument or bird bath. Let’s get started!

7’ X 3’ Statue/Monument

What Would We Recommend?

Below you will find multiple lighting options that will provide an exceptional solution for the above depicted subject matter. We do our best to offer a low-cost solution, a brighter/most common solution, and a commercial solution for high-end projects.

(Recommended Quantity of 2) - Premium Dual Solar Spotlight Kit with Dual Heads & Wireless Remote:

Our most affordable option is the Warm White Premium Dual Solar Spotlight Kit. One of the most important things to consider when lighting statues, monuments, sculptures or anything with 3 dimensional components, is proper beam spread. Since you are not lighting a flat space, such as a sign or billboard, you will need multiple points of light origin.

With this in mind, we would recommend (2) Premium Dual Solar Spotlight kits, for a total of (4) lamps. This will ensure the entirety of the statue is lit. This low-cost option is best suited for statues on the smaller side, such as fountains, large plants, small trees and monuments for example.

(Recommended Quantity of 3) - FL3W LED Solar Flood Light with Remote Control, SMD LED, Lithium Ion Battery and PIR Motion Features:

The most common/popular recommendation we would provide is for (3) FL3W LED Solar Flood Lights. This will provide 360-degree illumination, for a total lumen output of 990. While the Premium Dual Spotlight is a great pick, the FL3W Flood will provide a brighter subject matter, along with a variety of customization features, such as dimming options and in-built run time selection.

Earthtech Products Solar Sign & Landscape Light Kit - 2 Lights (1200 Lumens each), 2 - 100W Solar Panels, 100 Ah Battery:

For our Commercial Solution, we have a (2) 1200 lumen floodlight kit, that includes 200 Watts of solar power with 100 amp hours of backup battery power and a Fiberglass, NEMA4 weatherproof enclosure. This reliable kit can illuminate for up to 48 hours on a single charge!

Quite possibly the most unique feature of the commercial kits is the ability to completely customize all included components. For example, you prefer (3) 10 watt flood lights over the standard (2) 20 watts? No problem! Simply give us a call before or directly after you place your order and our knowledgeable technicians can review your exact application and make any adjustment, big or small.

We hope our latest installment of "What Would We Recommend?" gave you a little insight and direction. If you have any questions be sure to leave a comment down below! As always, we are just a phone call away (877-548-3387) and are happy to offer our expertise on all of your Solar needs!
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