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Spring Sale! + EXTRA 5% Off! Code: SP24 EXP: 5/17
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The Most Popular Solar Marine Lights of 2022

Posted 7/8/22 | Filed under Product Guides | Comments (0)
With the summer now in full swing I thought it would be a perfect time to discuss one of our most popular solar lighting categories here at Earthtech Products, Solar Marine Lighting! Most marine applications have access to abundant sunlight making them the perfect option for solar power. Here we go!

Solar Marine Beacon Light

Our classic Solar Marine Beacon Lights come in an array of color options, base mounting features and operation specifications.

The Standard Constant Operation Model is available in Clear, Red, Amber, Blue and Green and has the ability to be mounted via Standard Screws or with the Magnetic Base Option.

This model features a Visible Range of 2NM in all directions.

Includes a replaceable 4V 160MA Ni-MH Battery for long lasting performance and features a waterproof rating of IP67.

The Standard Flashing Operation Model features all of the same specs as the Constant fixture but can run for up to 120+ hours on a single charge! Now that’s autonomy!

The Flashing Marine Beacon Light also comes in the easy to use Magnetic Base Version. Solar Marine Lantern

For a more powerful lumen output and NM range, our Solar Marine Lanterns are the way to go. Also featuring many color options, mounting features and flashing/constant; this is the perfect option for a slightly heavier duty design.

Available in Clear, Red, Amber, Blue and Green, this Marine Lantern comes in a Flashing Operation or a Constant Operation option.

Offering a respectable visible range of 3NM in all directions, the constant option can run for 60 hours on a single charge with the flashing model getting up to 140 hours per charge!

Carmanah Solar Marine Lantern

Next up on our list is my favorite, the Solar Marine Lantern brought to you by Carmanah. Visible from 1-2 NM, this handsome fixture sets the bar for reliability.

The battery life expectancy is five years with product life up to 15 years and a three-year warranty. Wow!

This customizable fixture offers 40 user-adjustable flash patterns and programmable intensities (along with constant operation).

Available in White, Red, Yellow, Blue and Green LED models for marking any Pilings, Docks, Buoys, Aquafarms, Sea Ports, Threshold lighting, Runways, Aids-to-navigation, Marina Lighting or Cranes.
Carmanah LED Solar Marine Lanterns - For Buoys and Beacons

The last item on our list and most heavy duty is our Super Bright Carmanah Sabik LED Solar Marine Lantern. This fixture is the top of the line and my go to for commercial and coast guard approval applications.

2 to 4+ NM visibility!

MPPT Charge Controller!

Extended Warranties!

You name it, the Carmanah Sabik LED Solar Marine Lantern has it.

Also available in White, Red, Yellow, Blue and Green for use in any aviation, barge or marine environment.
Here at Earthtech Products we only carry the top of the line in Solar Lighting fixtures. Our Marine Lights are guaranteed to exceed your expectations and ensure you have reliable, safe lighting when you need it most. As always, we are just a phone call away (877-548-3387) and are happy to offer our expertise on all of your Solar Marine Lighting needs!
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