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Frequently Asked Questions - Power Outage

Posted 4-5-2019 | Filed under Frequently Asked Questions | Comments (0)

In the latest installment of our Frequently Asked Question series, we dive into our reader’s most inquired topics relating to Power Outages. As always, it’s our goal to ensure our customers and subscribers are provided with the most informative and detailed information pertaining to backup power and emergency preparedness. Both the questions and answers come from first hand problems and real-life solutions. Let’s get started!

Which items in my Home are the Least Practical to Power in the Event of an Outage?

A good rule of thumb when debating what to power in your home when you anticipate an extended outage is to take a look at major cooling and heating appliances (AC, Heat, etc.). These items typically draw a huge amount of power and are not great options for backup power. For example, instead of powering your Central Air or Single-room AC unit, we recommend utilizing Fans or Swamp/Evaporative Coolers.

Be sure to understand which items in your home work solely off of electricity, and which items are Gas, Oil or Propane assisted. If your heat is Gas powered for instance, powering the pilot light and circulation blowers will be far more energy efficient than trying to operate even a single small electric heater.

What Items should I Prioritize in a Blackout Scenario?

After over 13 years of offering top of the line solar generator products, we have most certainly noticed a trend of important/priority items. Refrigeration, LED Lights and Smart Phones are the big three. Televisions, Laptops and Fans are very close in popularity, however, not as essential.

Medical equipment such as CPAP machines and Ventilators are gaining popularity. However, we recommend solar power as a last resort for these types of items due to their significance. Keep in mind this list will change based on each individual need.

I’m Concerned about running Extension Cables throughout my home. Is there a better way to power my items during an Outage?

This is a great question and features a rather simple solution. A Sub-Panel can be set up in conjunction with your circuit breaker to control which outlets in the home are powered by your back up generator. A great example of this is The Yeti Home Integration Kit. This particular sub-panel is designed to be used specifically with the Goal Zero Yeti Generators and allows you to power up to 4 Circuits in your home from your Battery Backup unit.

What are your Go To Tips and Tricks for Surviving a Power Outage?

#1. Line your refrigerator with bags of Frozen water (Zip lock works great). This will keep the ambient temperature down and prevent the compressor from kicking on and using the limited power you may have.

#2. Bring Solar Lights normally located in your yard indoors for fully functional lamps!

#3. Fill up the tub in your spare bathroom with water in case of an extended emergency.

#4. Keep a battery powered radio on hand and plenty of food that does not require heating or cooking.

Black Outs can be an intimidating occurrence. Being prepared and remaining knowledgeable is the only defense against the unknown. If you would like your question featured in the next Blog post be sure to comment below. As always, we are just a phone call away (877-548-3387) and are happy to offer our expertise on all of your Emergency Preparedness needs!
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