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Fathers Day! + EXTRA 5% Off! Code: SM24 EXP: 6/24
Fathers Day! + EXTRA 5% Off! Code: SM24 EXP: 6/24
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Free Shipping Orders over $99. Ends 6/24.
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How to Expand Your Solar Generators

Posted 7/16/2021 | Filed under Solar Education | Comments (0)

Modular expansion is a relatively new but fast-growing staple in the Solar Generator field. The ability to expand your storage capacity in a user-friendly fashion is an extremely valuable capability for many reasons.

This feature will allow the user to power more items, for longer periods of time. Giving each consumer the best bang for their buck.

User-friendly add on batteries also allow the owner to increase their power storage over time, which is perfect for folks on a budget or those unsure of their power needs.

Simple connection using a single cable or port adapter gives the user a super quick and easy installation. The hook up process takes less than 5 minutes and can be performed by absolutely anyone.

For your convenience, we have collected all of the most popular solar generators and put together an easy guide, explaining which expansion batteries should be paired with each corresponding unit.

Ecoflow Solar Generators

The EcoFlow River Portable Power Station starts off at a respectable 288 watt hours. Using the EcoFlow River Expansion Battery, you can increase your storage to 576 watt hours in minutes, using the 4 included screws! So easy!

The EcoFlow River Pro Portable Power Station offers 720 Wh of storage out of the box. However, by picking up a cost effective EcoFlow River Pro Extra Battery, you easily double your storage capacity to 1440 Wh. The perfect size for your essential items.

The EcoFlow Delta Power Station comes out swinging at a powerful 1260 Wh of storage. Now, there is no dedicated expansion battery for the Delta, however, you can chain two units together to double your capacity and increase your max output capabilities. (2X EcoFlow Delta Power Stations - Battery Backup Portable Generators)

Lion Energy Solar Generator

The Lion Energy Safari ME Portable Power Station offers a 922 Watt hours of storage. The Lion Energy Safari ME Expansion Battery Pack is the largest lithium expansion battery on the market. It just about triples your storage size!

Natures Generator

The innovator that started it all, Natures Generator, was the first to offer easy to connect, all-in-one expansion batteries for their system. However, with the newly released Elite, you want to make sure you pick up the proper Expansion Pod.

The Natures Generator Portable 1800-Watt Solar Generator starts at 720 Wh. The staple Expansion Power Pod for Natures Generator nearly triples your storage capabilities.

The larger Natures Generator Elite Solar Power Station offers 1200 Wh as it stands. However, incorporating the Natures Generator Elite Power Pod, you can double your power with a single cable connection.

Goal Zero

Goal Zero has made expansion neat and simple, by allowing cross compatibility between their expansion Tanks and nearly all of their solar generator units.

The Yeti 1000/1000X, Yeti 1250, Yeti 1400, Yeti 1500X, Yeti 3000/3000X, and Yeti 6000X can all be expanded to handle just about any task.

With the Yeti Tank and Link Module Kit, you can add 1200 Wh of storage per Tank. You will require the implementation of the Goal Zero Link Module (included with the Tank and Link kit). This is the connection point between the Tanks and the Generator. However, once you have one of these modules, you can add as many tanks as you like. "Click Here" to view the individual Yeti Tanks.

DIY/Individual Component Systems

Expanding DIY or la carte Solar Systems is rather simple as well. Just be sure to use the same battery composition and voltage when adding additional storage. (For example, Lithium with Lithium, SLA with SLA, 12V with 12V, 24V with 24V and so on).

A good rule of thumb is to add on additional PV Solar Panels alongside battery upgrades. Doing so will ensure your system still has the power it needs to fully recharge the expanded battery bank.

Hopefully this guide provides clear direction as to which units should be used together. Expand Beyond, with Earthtech Products Solar Generator Systems. As always, we are just a phone call away (877-548-3387) and are happy to offer our expertise on all of your Solar needs!
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