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Fathers Day! + EXTRA 5% Off! Code: SM24 EXP: 6/24
Fathers Day! + EXTRA 5% Off! Code: SM24 EXP: 6/24
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Ecoflow Delta Pro Expansion and Add-on Guide

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The Ecoflow Delta Pro is quite possibly the fastest growing Solar Generator and Portable Power Station we have ever seen. Packed with advanced features, a stellar design and more add on items and expansion features than we can count.

Today we will be going over the specifications that make this piece of tech special and how you can get the most out of all of the add on products that pair well with this system.

BMS and Power Storage Expansion

The Ecoflow Pro’s battery management system provides real-time analysis and regulation of voltage, current, and temperature. Bottom line, this unit is safe, reliable and easy to use.

The Delta Pro comes standard with 3600 watt hours of storage capacity.

This can be expanded in three ways:

1. The Pro can accept up to (2) 3600wH - Delta Pro Smart Batteries for a combined total of 10,800 watt hours.

2. The Smart Gas Generator takes an "efficiency first" approach when compared to traditional gas generators, offering a DC power output to the Pro, saving you both fuel and shorter charge times. This effectively adds 5,300 watt hours of storage on a full tank of gas.

3. 2x Delta Pros can be used in tandem with the Smart Home Panel to store up to 25 kWh and even output 240V power!
Multi-Fast Charge Features

The Ecoflow Pro system can be charged in more ways than ever seen before. From a traditional wall outlet to the unique EV Station input option. (Be sure to pickup the EV Adapter as its sold separately)

If you combine the AC input, Solar Input and Smart Gas Generator, you can fully charge a 7,200wh kit in less than 2 hours!
Solar Input Capabilities

For a full off-grid experience, the Delta Pro Power Station can handle an input of up to 1600 watts of solar (11-150V - 15A).

This will give the user an empty to full recharge in just over 2 hours!

An MC4 to XT60 cable is included which allows the Pro to use off-brand panels (provided you stay within the wattage and voltage range of the charge controller).
Ecoflow Ecosystem

The Ecosystem is a term that refers to the off-grid power structure you can build when picking up the Ecoflow Smart Home Panel. This operates as an automatic transfer switch that interfaces with your home breaker and the Delta Pro system, which allows the user to power up to 10 circuits in your home or cabin.

When a blackout occurs, the Smart Home Panel immediately switches your 10 integrated circuits to the backup power and draws energy from your Delta Pro(s). You’ll barely notice a loss of power as your chosen circuits stay powered with a mere 20ms switchover time. Ecoflow Wave Portable Air Conditioner

The newest release from Ecoflow is the revolutionary Wave Portable Air Conditioner. At 4,000 BTUs, the Wave can run for 12 hours straight on the maximum cooling mode (with a significantly longer run time on the economy setting).

We even offer an Add-on Battery option that can give you 3-12 hours of independent run time without the use of any power source. An amazing option for tent and tiny home cooling.

If you want to power your AC with the Delta Pro or Delta Pro Smart Extra Battery, be sure to purchase the Delta Max Extra Battery Cable and Delta Pro to Smart Generator Adapter. (Sold Separately)

30 Amp Anderson DC Port

The Ecoflow Pro comes with a dedicated 30A Anderson port for connecting directly to your RVs, Tiny Homes, Campers, Vans and Winnebagos. Smart Device APP

The Smart Device App allows the user to achieve a birds-eye view of your energy consumption.

1. View Input from all sources (such as panels, batteries, gas generators, etc.)

2. View output power down to individual ports and circuits.

3. View duration of power remaining in system.

4. Enable power saving modes and prioritization configurations.

5. Connect using Wifi, Bluetooth or turn your Pro into a hotspot.

We offer a secondary Remote Control as well, which is ideal for storing your Delta Pro in the garage, storage bay, or below deck.

Connect over Bluetooth or an ethernet cable and get a second screen right where you need it. Battery Backup and Solar Energy Production are a fantastic way to ensure your family and lifestyle remains intact during challenging times. Whether your just powering a refrigerator or an entire home; the Ecoflow Delta Pro will set your mind at ease.

If you have any questions regarding a free personal recommendation or technical support; as always, we are just a phone call away (877-548-3387) and are happy to offer our expertise on all of your Solar Generator needs!
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