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Fathers Day! + EXTRA 5% Off! Code: SM24 EXP: 6/24
Fathers Day! + EXTRA 5% Off! Code: SM24 EXP: 6/24
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Free Shipping Orders over $99. Ends 6/24.
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The Best Solar Generators of 2023

Posted 2/17/23 | Filed under Product Guides | Comments (0)

The Solar Generator Market is growing at an exciting pace, while the capabilities and lifespan growth is impressive, this recent evolution has created a dense market, filled with many power stations and generators that are not up to the standards our customers and the community expect.

Luckily, all of the units we offer have been fully vetted by our team of technicians and product experts.

We look the liberty of testing these Solar Generators, compared pricing, warranties, Lifespan and so much more. Below you will find our complete, no filler breakdown that will point out all the pros and cons of these popular options.

Best Portable Option: The Zendure SuperBase Pro 1500 Portable Power Station The Groundbreaking Zendure Pro 1500 offers some of the most exciting and competitive functions for a portable solar generator/portable power station.

Fast Charge: Respectable 1440Wh storage, 0 to 75% quick charge can be done in just 1 hour with an AC1800W input, and 100% charge can be done in 2 hours.

It's Built to Move: Industrial-grade wheels, a telescopic aluminum handle, and a low center of gravity, The SuperBase Pro is designed with "anytime, anywhere" in mind.

AmpUp Feature for Power Tools: Portable power and remote working go hand in hand. This feature can power devices that typically need up to 3,000W, thanks to the AmpUp boost. This means compatibility with heavy-duty appliances and power tools, such as induction cookers, vacuums, chainsaws, drills and motorized devices.

Massive Solar Input Features: The SuperBase Pro can handle solar arrays of any size up to 1,800W. Our patented PVMax tech means your solar setup can charge the SuperBase Pro with the same superfast performance you'd get from conventional charging! The perfect option for on-the-go power!

Best Option for Camping Trips/Backpacking: Jackery Explorer 290 Portable Power Station Jackery is a household name for a reason. They are reliable, well designed, powerful and lightweight. Our top pick for the adventurer is the Explorer 290.

Lightweight and Compact: The 290 boasts a tiny frame (9.1" x 5.2" x 7.7" inches) and lightweight chassis (7.5 lbs (3.4 kg). This is a great addition to your pack and will give you all the power you need out in the wild.

Small but Powerful: Features an efficient 290Wh (20.3 Ah) Lithium Battery. Were talking (29) Smart Phone Charges, (46 hours) on a camping light, (6) Drone charges and (4) Laptop Charges on the go!

Fast Charging: Offers fast charging options via solar, 12V car outlet or AC Wall outlet. This way while out in the wild you have many options for a fast and reliable recharge.

Features Safety Certifications: With FCC, ROHS and UN 38.3 certifications, you know you are getting a safe powerstation.

Best Budget Conscious Option: The Natures Generator Standard/Elite The Natures Generator line of products are one of the few designers who still use Sealed Lead Acid Batteries in their design. While this may seem like a drawback to some, it actually has a few unique positives implications.

Affordability: Due to the nature of SLA batteries, they are far more affordable, safer and are the only solar generator battery option that is replaceable down the line. This will equate to a longer lifespan provided you simply replace certain components as needed.

Expandability: The Natures Generator units are one of the few options that have charge controllers built in to the expansion batteries. What does this mean? Well, each time you expand, you can also increase your solar and wind input capabilities.

Wind Turbine: Quite possibly the best feature of the Natures Generator is the Wind Turbine Input option. This is the ONLY system that can handle a wind input, allowing the user to recharge during poor weather or evening hours. Very unique!

Manual Transfer Switch: This unit is a perfect option for pairing with a Home Integration kit or Sub panel, that allows the user to easily interface with their home breaker box and power circuits in the home directly from you Solar Powerstation.

Best Rugged Option: The Renogy Lycan 5000 Power Box Renogy is a household name for a reason. They make reliable, sleek products and their knowledge is second only to a few. The Lycan 5000 Power Box makes for one powerful, unique package.

Indoor/Outdoor Capabilities: The IP 55 Enclosure makes this unit the only Indoor/Outdoor Solar Generator on the Market!

Smart Phone APP: While most of the system we have discussed today have App features, the software used by the Renogy App is extremely reliable. You can monitor the Lycan's charging and discharging status more accurately and conveniently in real time while on the go.

Simple Expansion: The Lycan can be easily expanded to up to 19.2kWh with Renogy 48V 50Ah Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries, covering any applications from short-term blackouts to power independence.

Massive Solar Input: One of my favorite features of the Lycan is the massive charge controller input allowance of up to 4,400 watts! If you max out your solar, you can essentially run just about anything during the day.

Most Reliable Units/Brand: The Goal Zero Yeti 6000X Portable Power Station No company or manufacturer in the solar industry has notoriety like Goal Zero. Backed by NRG, this innovator in the solar and battery backup space has a stellar track record and are known for producing reliable, powerful products and offering a level of customer service they truly should be proud of.

Warranty Support: Goal Zero’s warranty support is renown. They always go above and beyond for their customers and in a world of automation, the ability to speak to a knowledgeable rep is invaluable.

Sheer Storage Power: The Yeti 6000X is the largest all-in-one power station on the market. It stores a massive 6071 Watt hours of power all within the expertly designed single unit housing.

Intuitive Expansion: Like most top of the line generators, the Goal Zero Yeti 6000X can be expanded from a storage perspective by adding the Goal Zero Expansion Tanks directly to the unit via the Link Module.

Home Breaker Box Integration: The Home Integration Kit by Goal Zero may not offer all of the bells and whistles that an automatic transfer switch has, however, this also means the installation is very simple and switching over power to your backup system is a simple as flipping a switch. No need to be concerned about complex installations or failures during automatic tasks.

Operating Temperature Innovation: Mango Power E Portable Power Station The new but shockingly popular Mango Power Stations features a super unique capability. This system offers unbelievable environmental adaption due to the the CATL's batteries that can withstand temperatures from -4 to 140 degrees!

Unheard of Operation Temperatures: The reason this one of kind ability makes this unit so special may be obvious to some, but let me elaborate. With such a drastic temperature range allowance, you can finally set up reliable power out in the field, in your basement, attic, crawlspace, unfavorable RV locations and so much more. Concerned about overheating from direct sunlight? Forget about it!

240V Split Phase Features: The Mango Power can be paired with a second unit and become a high-powered split-phase generator capable of delivering 240V output so you can run large power-consuming appliances such as heaters, dryers, water pumps, and so much more!

EV Charging: Only available on a finite number of generators, this unit can charge at home or at any of the thousands of EV stations around the world! Such an amazing feature for those who love to travel.

Extended Warranty: Includes a 5 Year Warranty making it one of the longest running warranty options in the game!

Fastest Charging Features: Anker 767 PowerHouse - 2048Wh - 2400W The brand new Anker 767 PowerHouse is made by a company that above all else, values quality. Anker has been a household name in the smaller charger field for years and has finally brought us a PowerStation that we are guaranteed to love.

HyperFlash Charging: Recharge to 80% in under 1.4 hours safely and quietly! This means you can recharge on the go, before or after boondocking or even grab a quick charge at a meal or pitstop on the road.

Industrial Grade Electronic Components: The core chips and electronics used in this unit last 6x longer than its competitors.

Double Your Storage: Easily add on another 2048 Watt hour expansion with a single connection all in one battery design.

GaNPrime Technology: Enables the battery and electronic components to stay stable and protected, operating at 30C lower temperatures. This drastic heat reduction ensures that the Anker PowerHouse 767 has the longest battery lifespan on the market and is the quietest high-powered generator you can bring everywhere.

Best Uninterrupted Power Supply Features: Bluetti EP500 Pro Portable Power Station The Bluetti EP500 Pro Portable Power Station is a fantastic all around system with a sleek, refined design. The Seamless UPS Backup features that this unit offers makes for the perfect addition to your home and sensitive devices. The EP500 Pro will automatically become your home energy source for essential loads when the electrical grid goes down.

Wireless Device Chargers: Two built-in Wireless Chargers allow you to recharge your Smart devices by simply placing them on top of the Generator!

The Largest LiFePo4 All-in-One Unit: The Bluetti EP500 PRO boosts a ground-breaking 5100Wh LiFePO4 battery pack and a 3000W rated pure sine wave AC inverter. This class-leading power station brings you the power to run your entire party, family camping trip, cabin workshops, or even your whole house for a day or two in the event of an unexpected outage.

Extended Warranty: Includes a 5 Year Warranty making it one of the few options with the longest running warranty options available.

Largest Solar Generator Kit: Rich Solar 30kWh Off-Grid Cabin Lithium Solar Generator Kit

The complete off grid cabin kits by Rich Solar can be expanded up to 40 kwh! Now that is one massive system! The kit shown above is our 30 kwh system and can power just about anything you require. The Powerwall Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery is designed for 6000+ cycles, making it the most reliable, long lasting, light-weight battery on the market!

USA Manufactured: Nothing says quality like good old fashion United States Manufactured Products. The 335 Watt Solar Panels included in this kit are sourced right here in the US and designed with high Transmission, AR (anti-reflective) Coated Tempered Glass to maximize light absorption.

6500 Watt Off-grid Hybrid Solar Inverter: The Solar Inverter Charge Controller combo makes for an easy to use, DIY style priced set up. Comes with built-in Wi-Fi for mobile monitoring (Android/iOS App is available), supports USB on-the-go functions and outputs a perfect Pure Sine Wave Inverter.

20 Year lifespan with Proper Maintenance: The Alpha 5 Powerwall Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery has a much longer cycle life capacity, and is easier to maintain compared to other battery technologies. The LiFePO4 technology has better thermal and chemical stability, which improves battery safety and packed with power in a small and lightweight footprint. No Guess Work: Did we mention it includes every component needed for installation, connection and power production?!

Best Overall: Ecoflow Delta Pro Power Station The Ecoflow Delta Pro Portable Power Station….need I say more? The Ecoflow Ecosystem of products has taken the world by storm. The first to implement the long lasting LFP battery, a 1600W solar input and expansion features up to 25 kWh. This Powerstation is the G.O.A.T of the battery backup and solar world at the moment.

LFP Battery: The revolutionary LiFePo4 battery stores 3,600 Watt Hours. Featuring a 1 Year Shelf Lie (after fully charging), a 6,500 cycles to 50% capacity, 3,500 cycles to 80% capacity Cycle Life and Battery Management Systems that have created a whole new level of safety.

Storage Expansion: The Delta Pro starts at 3600 wH and can expand up to 25 Kwh. Entire home backup system? Yes please!

EV Charging: The pioneer of EV Charging! The EV Adapter allows the user to charge up at thousands of EV stations worldwide. This unique charging method gives you up to 3000W fast charging on the go.

Mobile APP: The FREE Mobile APP gives the user the ability to access power settings, such as charging and discharging levels, AC charge speeds, control the Smart Generator and a so much more!

Ecoflow Ecosystem: By installing the Smart Home Panel (electrician required), you can create a self-sustaining Ecosystem of power, safety and reliability. The Delta Pro Ecosystem stores energy day and night, reducing your reliance on the grid and lowering your energy bills by combating time-of-use rates. It integrates directly with your home using the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel. Run up to 10 circuits in your home directly from you breaker box, which automatic switch over during outages.

Dual Fuel Gas & Propane Generator: The Smart Generator serves as an emergency option that integrates with your Delta Pro ecosystem. It auto-starts when your Delta Pro hits a low level of charge, re-charges your Delta Pro, and stops the engine all by itself once your Delta Pro hits a full charge.

Green Energy Production with Solar: With a built-in top of the line MPPT charge controller, you can connect up to 1600W of solar to your Delta Pro at a voltage of 11-150V! This means larger arrays, tied together in series to allow for less line loss than most generators.

Now that you have the Ammo needed to make your perfect shot, simply make a decision based on the most important feature you require and pull the trigger. As always, we are just a phone call away (877-548-3387) and are happy to offer our expertise on all of your Solar Generator needs!
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