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The First Earthtech Products Portable Solar Generator Kit with Included Wind Turbine!

The First Earthtech Products Portable Solar Generator Kit with Included Wind Turbine!

Posted 6-29-2018 | Filed under Product Guides | Comments (0)

We are now introducing the first Portable Earthtech Products Generator Kit, that features the ability to create power from not only solar cells, but the brand-new Nature’s Generator Wind Turbine. This takes green energy production on the residential scale to a whole new level. With storms and high winds being the most common causes of power outages to date, we thought it best to release an item that could take the destructive power of high winds and create a portable power solution. Is cloud coverage and storm activity taking away from your ability to generate enough power via solar? No problem! Generate power day and night, rain or shine, with the Nature's Generator Portable 1800 Watt Solar and Wind Generator Kit!

Advantages of Wind Power:

Like it’s best friend the Sun, wind power is a clean, pollution free fuel source. Rather than creating energy via combustion of fossil fuels, such as natural gas or coal, wind turbines rely solely on the natural abundant and inexhaustible power of wind. Over the past decade, wind power capacity in the United States grown by 30% per year. It currently has the Largest Renewable Generation Capacity in the United States.

A little-known fact; Wind is a form of solar energy! These Winds are caused by the heating of the atmosphere, caused by…. you guessed it, the sun! Combined with the Earth’s rotation, and surface irregularities, as long as the sun is shining, wind power will continue to be available and in abundance.

The Nature’s Generator Portable 1800 Watt Solar and Wind Generator Kit:

This revolutionary kit is the first of its kind to pair the convenience of a portable generator system, with both solar and wind input power. This kit includes the main portable generator unit that features a continuous 1440-watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter, convenient built-in roll cart, Smartphone APP compatibility and infinite battery pod expandability. Alongside the 100-Watt Polycrystalline solar panel is the all new Nature’s Generator Wind Turbine. This simple assembly item is composed of high quality cast aluminum alloy and can be used on either land or water.

Functionality and Best Practices:

The best way to get the most out of your Nature’s Generator kit is to use both the Solar and Wind input together simultaneously. For example, a storm with heavy cloud coverage moves in and you require back up power. Simply set up your Solar panel and Wind Turbine outside, connect them to the corresponding inputs on the Generator, and start generating power. Solar panels can still produce up to 25% of their typical production on cloudy days, this paired with the power from your wind turbine, can create the same amount of power, if not more, than you would find on a sunny day.

The most interesting value produced by adding a wind turbine is the ability to generate power in the evening hours. Once the sun sets you will be producing zero watts of storage capacity with your solar panels. However, provided there is as much as a strong breeze, you can produce enough power to get you through the night. Portable Wind turbines are perfect for a day at the beach or even a basecamp setup. These locations are naturally windy environments with heavy limitations on hardwired power, making them a perfect fit.

We are very excited about this new product and believe it can truly expand the accessibility to back-up power and help assist those located in areas that do not receive much daily sunlight. If you have any questions about this new system or wind power in general, feel free to reach out to us. As always, we are just a phone call away (877-548-3387) and are happy to offer our expertise on all of your solar power needs.

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