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Earth Day Sale! + EXTRA 5% Off! Code: ED24 EXP: 4/23
Earth Day Sale! + EXTRA 5% Off! Code: ED24 EXP: 4/23
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EMP Shield - New Product Spotlight

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We are now introducing the all new, Military approved, 100% American Made, EMP Shield. Listed by the Department of Homeland Security pertaining to EMP Resilience; incorporating this device into your home electrical system will ensure you are protected against all phases of an EMP, along with Lighting and Solar Flare protection. Today we will take a look at the history, testing and practical use of this fantastic product.

The History of EMP Shield

The original prototype of the EMP Shield was created from a project intended to capture solar electrostatic waves from our atmosphere as an alternate source of energy. During project testing, a special surge protector was born, which could protect against multiple High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulses. At that point in time, military grade HEMP surge protectors could not protect against all phases of an EMP, were rather pricey, and could only withstand one Electromagnetic pulse before burning out.

Realizing the benefit of EMP protection for the average person, Mr. Carty (the founder) designed multiple models to allow for implementation into Homes, Businesses, Vehicles, RVs, Standard Generators and even Solar and Wind Generators.

Military Approval and Testing

The EMP Shield line of technology has undergone many rigorous tests to demonstrate their ability to protect against EMPs (Phases E1, E2 and E3), Solar Flares up to 228,000 Amps and Lighting Protection. The EMP Shield line of products has been tested at Keystone Compliance, a DOD Certified Testing Laboratory.

After testing, the product has been verified as exceeding or complying with the below Military Standards: (Click Here for Full Report)

MIL-STD-461-RS105 – Protects against a Transient electromagnetic pulse of up to 50 kV/m, double exponential wave with a rise time in the nanosecond range, that is applied to the equipment under test (EUT) at least 5 times. Tested at 90 kV/m.

MIL-STD-188-125-1 - Protects against a High-Altitude EMP.

MIL-STD-461G - Control of Electromagnetic Interference

MIL-STD-461-CS-115 - Can withstand signals coupled onto the test unit’s associated cabling. The test unit is subjected to rise and fall times, pulse width, and amplitude as specified on Figure CS115-1 at a 30 Hz rate for one minute.

MIL-STD-461-CS116 - Applies to 10 kHz to 100 MHz for all interconnecting cables, including power cables, and individual high side power leads.

MIL-STD-461 CS117 - Ensure and test unit’s ability to withstand lightning transients coupled onto the test unit’s associated cables and power leads.

MIL-STD-464C - Electromagnetic Environmental Effects Requirements for Systems.

The Keystone Compliance test results show that our devices begin shunting the over-voltage condition in less than 1 nanosecond, and are designed to shunt over 100,000 Amps per phase!

How Does it Work?

EMP Shield is the World’s only tested and approved EMP protection technology for an entire electrical system. This is accomplished by shorting the over voltage coming in from the Grid and the voltage surges that are collected within your home. That surge is rerouted directly to the EMP Shield box, thus protecting everything connected to your home’s breaker box. We now offer models that provide protection for just about all of your electrical devices.

Available Models:

EMP Shield for Homes are available in two different models:

“Click Here” for Flush Mount Breaker Boxes or “Click Here” for Protruding Mount Breaker Boxes.

For portable use, the EMP Shield for RVs, Renters, Campers, Winnebago Motor Homes and Tiny Homes can be found by “Click Here”.

The Solar and Wind Generator units are a little more involved, as they will vary based on the Max Input Voltage of your Charge Controller. You can “Click Here” for the product section or simply give us a call for a custom recommendation.

EMP Shield offers a low-cost, extra level of protection for your home, gas, solar or wind generators and mobile/tiny homes. Whether you want to prevent damage to your expensive electronics or protect yourself against an EMP attack, EMP Shield is the way to go. As always, we are just a phone call away (877-548-3387) and are happy to offer our expertise on all of your Emergency Preparedness needs!
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