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Prime Day Sale + EXTRA 10% Off! Code: PD24 EXP: 7/16
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Free Shipping Orders over $99. Ends 7/16.
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The Unrivaled Ecoflow Delta Pro Ultra Accessory and Expansion Guide

Posted 1/26/24 | Filed under Product Guides | Comments (0)
Welcome to our unrivaled guide for maximizing the potential of your EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra! Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a camper, an emergency preparedness advocate, or simply someone seeking sustainable energy solutions, this comprehensive resource is your key to unlocking the Delta Pro Ultra's incredible capabilities. From solar panels to expansion batteries, innovative accessories, and cutting-edge upgrades, we've curated a packed guide to elevate your backup power experience.

Small Quality of Life Add-Ons:

To kick off our Add-on Guide, let’s start with small, cost-effective accessories and work our way up to the exciting expansion and power automation products, shall we?

Safety First! When connecting three or more Ecoflow Delta Pro Ultra Battery Packs in a stack, we recommend using an EcoFlow Fixing Metal Tab to hold them in position. Keep in mind when you purchase three or more in a kit, this item will be automatically included. However, if you start smaller and expand, this is something you should consider.

Click Here to view the EcoFlow Fixing Metal Tab - For Ecoflow Expansion Batteries.

Next up is the EcoFlow 4G Network Dongle. When Paired with a 4G Modem; the dongle allows the user to connect their DPU to the internet and control it from anywhere in the world! (Please note that the unit comes standard with Bluetooth/Wi-fi connections as well).

Click Here to view the EcoFlow 4G Network Dongle PPS - Delta Pro Ultra.

Let’s talk portability. There are (2) Trolley/Wheeled options available for this system. When you purchase a DPU (Inverter + Battery) you automatically get the smaller EcoFlow Portable Stand. This is a great option for movement on a single floor without disassembly.

However, if you are interested in a more practical movement option, nothing beats the EcoFlow Trolley (sold separately). This provides a telescopic handle, similar to the Delta Pro for easier movement and control.

Click Here to view the EcoFlow Portable Stand.

Click Here to view the EcoFlow Trolley.

To close out our smaller key accessories, we have to discuss the Power Insight Remote. This add on device serves as an all-encompassing energy dashboard, providing effortless access to real-time home energy data on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis. Tailor-made to seamlessly integrate with the EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra Backup Power System, it offers a comprehensive solution for monitoring and managing your household's energy consumption. Developed with unique features like Storm Warnings & automatic energy storage when sensing an incoming outage potential. It even has an independent gateway that stays active when the internet is down.

Click Here to view the EcoFlow PowerInsight Home Energy Manager.

Home Transfer Switch Options:

You'll be spoilt for choice with the EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra's home connection options. From Manual transfer switches to inlet boxes or the revolutionary Smart Home Panel 2, an automatic transfer switch that will have you guessing if the power is even out.

First up is our Manual Transfer Switch options (available for 1 DPU or 2 DPU units) Choose up to six essential circuits, including your refrigerator, garage door, outlets in key living spaces, and light switches. Perfect for 2x Delta Pro Units or (1) Delta Pro Ultra System.

Click Here to view the EcoFlow Manual Transfer Switch for 1 Delta Pro Ultra.

The 2nd Manual Transfer Switch is designed for 2 Delta Pro Ultra Units. Choose up to Ten essential circuits with a 50 Amp Service. Please note you will require the EcoFlow 50 Amp Hub - Delta Pro Ultra as well to chain the two DPU’s together.

Click Here to view the EcoFlow Manual Transfer Switch for 2 Delta Pro Ultra Units.

Click Here to view the EcoFlow 50 Amp Hub.

Lastly, we have our personal favorite, the Ecoflow Smart Home Panel 2 - Automatic Power Transfer Switch. This accessory allows you to get the full potential out of your energy system (required to expand up to the maximum 90 kWh of storage).

The SHP2 Smart Energy Management system extends backup duration and forecasts outages through hourly weather checks & customizes your energy usage based on time-of-use rates and your home's solar energy production.

The automatic switchover feature ensures that your home will remain powered even when you're away. Forget spoiled food and damaged appliances.

It even allows for backward gen compatibility, interfacing the new Delta Pro Ultra with the previous Delta Pro Powerstation.

Click Here to view the Ecoflow Smart Home Panel 2 - Automatic Power Transfer Switch.

Storage Expansion:

The Delta Pro Ultra is scalable from one battery of 6kWh (6144 Wh to be exact), all the way to 15, for a gigantic 90kWh of storage. This is enough power to run the average U.S home for about 4 days without charging at all! This configuration can output a massive 21,600 continuous wattage output to boot.

The modular, heated Ultra Expansion Batteries can be added one at a time (up to 5 batteries per Ultra Inverter Main Unit) to grow over time with your budget and power needs. (if you are expanding past your 5th battery, be sure to buy a kit pairing the Delta Pro Ultra Inverter + Battery, as you will save money and get all the connection accessories required for use)

Click Here to view the Ecoflow Delta Pro Ultra Expansion Battery.

Click Here to view the Ecoflow Delta Pro Ultra Inverter.

Solar Panel Compatibility:

Harnessing both high and low-PV technologies, a single inverter establishes groundbreaking standards for portable solar inputs, boasting an impressive 5.6kW capacity. Join forces with three inverters to reach an astounding 16.8kW, capturing an entire day's worth of home energy in just 60 minutes. Whether you opt for a mobile configuration or a rooftop solar system, attaining genuine energy independence is well within reach.

There are two separate charge controller inputs on each Delta Pro Ultra Inverter:

High Voltage PV Input: 80-450V, 15A, 4000W Max – Accepts MC4 connections Directly (preferred input due to higher input voltage allowing you to chain many panels together in series)

Low Voltage PV Input: 30-150V, 15A, 1600W Max – Connection is XT60i (the inverter comes with an MC4 to XT60i cable)

Please note, there are many kits available that include panels and everything needed for connection. So be sure to keep that in mind when shopping to save some $$$.

If you are purchasing panels separately, be sure to consider your required distance and purchase a pair of MC4 Extension Cables that fit your needs. We can always recommend a cable based on your distance and panel set up by calling us at 877-548-3387 or by sending us an email at

I will list a few solar panel options below that pair well with the Ecoflow Delta Pro Ultra:

Click Here to view the EcoFlow 2 Pack 400W Rigid Solar Panels with Mounting Feet (VOC is 37.10V Per Panel).

Click Here to view the EcoFlow 400 Watt Foldable Solar Panel (VOC is 48V Per Panel).

Click Here to view the most cost-effective option when going with larger quantities of panels. 12 Pack of Rich Solar Mega 410 Watt Black Monocrystalline Solar Panels - Tier 1. (Be sure to shop our palletized panel options, as we offer big savings when purchasing panels in bulk).

Connections and Generational Compatibility:

Another fantastic accessory is the EV X-Stream Adapter, which allows the user to charge an EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra at thousands of level 2 AC EV charging stations worldwide, for a rapid 7200W input at home, or on the road.

Click Here to view the EcoFlow EV X-Stream Adapter - Delta Pro Ultra.

For your 2nd DPU + SHP2 connection, you would require (1) EcoFlow Power Input-Output Cable - Delta Pro Ultra (one comes with the Smart Home Panel 2).

Click Here to view the EcoFlow Power Input-Output Cable.

The EcoFlow 50 Amp Hub we mentioned earlier allows for DPU connectivity with the previous generation Delta Pro, using a Smart Home Panel 2. This add on item is also required when connecting 2x DPU’s to the corresponding manual transfer switch.

Click Here to view the EcoFlow 50 Amp Hub.

That’s All for Now Folks!

As of today, that covers all of the add-on accessories and expansion features of the Ecoflow Delta Pro Ultra. We will be sure to keep this guide up to date if any new and exciting pairings drop.

If you have any questions at all, we are just a phone call away (877-548-3387) and are happy to offer our expertise on all of your Solar Energy and Home Backup Power needs!
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