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Save Money With Solar Street Lights And Solar Parking Lights

Save Money With Solar Street Lights And Solar Parking Lights

Posted 11-17-2017 | Filed under Solar Education | Comments (0)

If you’re a business with large parking lot or a municipality trying to light your streets, you know how expensive lights can be. Ditch the old electric lights and replace them with the more efficient solar street lights and solar parking lights. You’ll find out there are many benefits to using solar powered products over wired electric.

Lower Overall Costs

It costs thousands of dollars to wire lights in parking lots and city streets. There’s the cost of hooking each lamp to the grid and power usage. Depending on the time of year, they can be on 12 hours a day or more if the morning is dark and cloudy. You can eliminate most of these costs by using solar outdoor lighting.

The power source is the sun, so there’s no electrical cost. There’s no wiring, so there’s no need to tear up the parking lot, city street or connect the pole to the grid. You simply purchase a pole, the light and let Mother Nature handle the rest.

A Green Way To Increase Safety and Popularity

Businesses need to be environmentally conscious not only because it’s the right thing to do, but it makes an impact with customers. When they see your parking lot is lit with solar lights, it warms their heart. Warm hearts lead to customers for life. Solar also helps increase safety too. When the power goes out because of a storm or other incident, streets and parking lots go dark…unless they’re solar lights.

Danger hides in the darkness and flees from the light. Don’t let a power outage create danger for your customers or your residents. Solar street lights create corporate social responsibility and increased security. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Lower Maintenance Costs

How many times have you had to change the light bulbs on regular street lights? How often do they need rewiring? Each solar unit is separate. There’s no connectivity, so if something goes wrong with one, none of the others are impacted. There are not many components to solar lighting, so there’s not much to maintain.

The only thing that will need replacing after years of use will be the battery, but it’s still far less time and money put into the maintenance of grid-powered lighting. Solar is just the way to go.

Earthtech Products is a leader in the solar industry and has vetted every manufacturer and product. Our solar parking lights and solar street lights are top commercial grade, so check out our selection for your business or city.

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