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Frequently Asked Questions - Battery Maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions - Battery Maintenance

Posted 10-12-2018 | Filed under Frequently Asked Questions | Comments (0)

Today we will go over some of our most Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to a very important subject; Battery Maintenance. Battery technology is a very important aspect of daily life. Many crucial devices we use every day rely heavily on battery power. From small items such as smart phones, tablets and laptops, to large necessities such as solar generators and cars. Our goal is to ensure our readers are utilizing proper battery maintenance techniques in order to get the most from all of your electrical gadgets. Let’s get to it!

What is the difference between Lithium Batteries and SLA Batteries?

While there are many differences between Lithium and Lead Acid batteries, the most known or discussed trait is longevity. While Lithium Batteries cost substantially more money upfront, they can outlast their SLA counterparts by up to two full life cycles. While all batteries are vulnerable to damage from extreme temperatures and continuous discharging, Lithium batteries are more resilient even with improper maintenance.

The Battery Powered item I purchased years ago did not work when I needed it. How did this happen?

Batteries, just like anything else require basic maintenance. In this individuals’ case, the battery was left to naturally drain down to completely empty and sat in this state for several years. This can cause irreversible damage to any type of battery. If you cannot keep a battery or a battery-based piece of tech partially to fully charged, be sure to recharge it every couple weeks to months. Another natural enemy to batteries is extreme heat. Be sure to store your devices within the recommended temperature range set by the battery manufacturer.

I heard that leaving my phone or laptop plugged into the charger for long periods of time is bad for the device. Is this true?

This is a common misconception that we hear quite often. The majority of our smart devices and laptops have built in protection that either drops the input down to a trickle charge or cuts it off completely once the battery is fully charged. Lithium Batteries (most commonly found in Smart Phones and Tablets) respond well to incremental charging and full charging. Another common myth is that our phone batteries should be drawn down to completely empty and then fully recharged on a consistent basis. This is entirely false.

Do I need to replace the battery in my solar fixture? If so, how will I know when it is needed?

The average small solar fixture will need a replacement battery after 1-3 years. All solar fixtures feature slightly different solar panel and battery specifications. Both components will play a factor in the battery lifespan. Typically, the install location in relation to sun exposure will cause these numbers to fluctuate. The more direct sunlight the area receives year-round, the longer the lifespan. More sunlight means more power, which equates to better internal battery maintenance. Eventually you will see a drop-in performance. Once the light’s operation time starts to decrease, you will want to consider replacing the battery.

Battery efficiency and optimization continues to improve yearly as we discover better ways to produce and store power. Afterall, we have made huge progress in the past few years. A clear indication is smart phone progression. Our smart devices continue to get smaller while their power and operation time continues to increase. This progression is indicative of where fuel sources are headed in the upcoming years. As always, we are just a phone call away (877-548-3387) and are happy to offer our expertise on all of your solar and battery needs!
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