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Winter Sale! + EXTRA 5% Off! Code: NY24 EXP: 2/27
Winter Sale! + EXTRA 5% Off! Code: NY24 EXP: 2/27
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Solar Energy and The Positive Effects on the Environment

Posted 10/7/22 | Filed under Solar Education | Comments (0)

It’s no secret that Solar Energy will continue to have a large impact on power production efficacy and has even more potential in being the key to future sustainable grid infrastructure. Today we will be talking about the most unique positive impacts that producing power from the sun can have, and how these impacts will continue to grow over time.

Emission Free

Roughly 60% of all power production in the U.S originates from Fossil Fuels. This has a significant negative impact on the environment and lacks the ability for reuse. Unlike these types of fuels, Solar energy does not create pollutants (effectively lowering our air and water quality) or carbon dioxide emissions.

Power Reliability

While the weather may not be perfect each and every day, creating power from UV rays is still a very effective green energy strategy when compared to many alternatives.

By eliminating the need for negative footprint power plants and pipelines (Fossil Fuels), massive open areas that may have inconsistent wind speeds and moving parts (Wind Energy) and even access to large bodies of water that can have a significant impact on local wildlife habitats (Hydro Power); Solar exclusively relies on access to sunlight and even performs at an acceptable rate under cloudy conditions.
Lower End-User Expense

As we have recently seen with inflation, the costs associated with typical energy use have risen drastically. By factoring in solar panel systems, one can lower the out-of-pocket energy expenses significantly.

This allows the home to rely less on those emission and pollutant creating energy sources and puts money back in the pocket of the consumer.

Pairing the lower cost of energy with federal and state tax rebates, this can potentially lessen your financial burden, allowing you to invest in other alternative green energy-based products, such as an electric Vehicle.
Grid Infrastructure Improvement

Solar Panel systems have no moving parts and therefore are extremely resistant to technical failure. Once installed properly, they should operate at a highly efficient rate for decades.

Many grid failures occur as a result of overuse during periods of extreme heat or cold. However, when a respectable percentage of homes are creating their own power from the sun; it lessens the strain on the grid, thus creating a more reliable power network for everyone.
Reduced Foreign Fuel Dependence

It’s no mystery that the United States heavily relies on fuel sources from foreign countries. This makes us extremely susceptible to price fluctuation and supply chain issues.

The more power we produce locally, the more control we have over these variables. In the end, this form of energy will make us less dependent on foreign nations and more immune to their conflicts. Thank you for stopping by and learning about Solar energy with us! If you have any questions regarding incorporating solar power into your Home, RV, Cabin or off-grid applications, as always, we are just a phone call away (877-548-3387) and are happy to offer our expertise on all of your Solar needs!
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