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Spring Sale! + EXTRA 5% Off! Code: SP24 EXP: 5/17
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WaterLily Turbine - New Product Spotlight

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Today we are proud to welcome the WaterLily Turbine to the Earthtech Products Team. This user-friendly, power producing turbine has the ability to generate up to 15 Watts of power using the force of Water or Wind power. This unique item is the perfect addition to any traveler’s pack or emergency preparedness kit. Today we will look at the different turbine options, how they work, and the add on components that make this product shine.

The History and Development of the WaterLily Turbine

The idea behind the WaterLily was initially created as a larger scale power source for maintaining data stations in the waters of the Northern Atlantic. This device was perfected over 10 years of testing and was eventually scaled down to create the WaterLily seen today. Now anyone can harvest energy from rivers, streams, oceans, heavier winds and hand crank accessories.

Two version of the WaterLily Turbine are now available. A basic 12V output version for maintaining powerpacks, batteries and 12V tech; along with a USB Output Version. Let’s take a look at these two models and their unique uses.

WaterLily Turbine – 12V Version

The 12V Version of the Waterlily Turbine is designed for a more versatile range of use. The 12V Version features a standard SAE Connector which is perfect for multi-device use. With the universal SAE Connector, the user can easily purchase an adapter that will allow for use with all types of low voltage products, such as directly to a 12V battery. You can even to recharge your favorite Goal Zero Power Packs!

We recommend the 12V Version for the more experienced Off-grid survivalist. The options are limitless!

WaterLily Turbine – USB Version

The USB Version of the Waterlily Turbine is the best option when searching for a more “user-friendly” recharger. Perfect for charging Smart Phones, Battery Banks, Camp Lights, Speakers, Cameras and so much more. In an average river, the WaterLily can charge most small electronics at the same rate as a wall-charger. The faster the water flow, the more power WaterLily can generate, up to 15 watts.

The durable, drop-proof housing is built to last and will ensure you can produce power through any outdoor adventure. Since the Waterlily does not rely on Sun Light or Gas to operate; you can keep the power coming through heavy storms and even overnight.

Included and Optional Components

Both the 12V and USB Versions include a 10-foot Charging Cable which will ensure your devices are kept at a safe distance from your water source.

The Removable Stainless-Steel Lanyards and Flexible Removable Bands allow for seamless set up and operation regardless of your conditions.

The Waterproof Charging Bag and Hand Crank are two add-on items we always like to recommend. The Charging Bag will keep all of your technology safe and secure while doubling as a storage and carrying case for your Turbine. The Hand Crank is an inexpensive option that can come in handy during extreme emergency situations.

We are very excited to offer the WaterLily Turbine, as Hydro Power is a fantastic option when looking at green energy and a great option for pairing with Solar and Wind based energy production kits. As always, we are just a phone call away (877-548-3387) and are happy to offer our expertise on all of your Off-Grid Power Production needs!
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