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Prime Day Sale + EXTRA 10% Off! Code: PD24 EXP: 7/16
Prime Day Sale + EXTRA 10% Off! Code: PD24 EXP: 7/16
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Natures Generator Dual Wind Turbine Box and Generator Kits - Spotlight

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The latest technology in off-grid power production is brought to you by none other than Natures Generator. With the recent release of the Dual Wind Turbine Controller Box; you can double the amount of power produced by incorporating Two Wind Turbines into your Solar and Wind Generator Systems. This opens up a whole new world of overnight power generation. Today we will take a look at the Controller Box and a couple brand-new kits that unitize this technology to produce even more power than your solar panels.

Natures Generator Dual Wind Turbine Controller Box

The science behind the Dual Wind Turbine Controller Box is rather simple. Connect two Natures Generator Wind Turbines to the corresponding input cables on the controller box, then connect the single cable input from the opposing side of the controller to the Wind Input on the front of the Natures Generator. You are now able to recharge the system at twice the original rate. This can effectively double your power production and output duration.

Best Uses and Practices

Incorporating a second Wind Turbine is perfect for any location that receives regular wind activity of 10 mph or higher. This will allow the user to generate power 24/7, which can prove very valuable.

The major drawback we see with solar panels is the lack of power production during night-time hours and low light conditions, such as storms and extended overcast periods. However, by using a hybrid means of power production, you can create sustainable energy regardless of weather conditions or time of day.

Natures Generator Portable 1800 Watt Dual Wind Turbine Generator Kit

Our latest kit includes everything needed to start generating and storing power from local wind gusts "Click Here to View". The two Wind Turbines feature a high-quality cast aluminum alloy body, with strong Fiberglass nylon composite blades for long lasting performance. Built-in over speed protection prevents possible damage in periods of extreme high winds. Capable of withstanding up to 110 Mph wind gusts; its sturdy design provides versatile use on land or water.

The Natures Generator Wind Turbine is CE and ROHS Certified. Includes a 100ft, 12AWG pure copper wind turbine cable with weatherproof connectors for maximum distance installations.

Natures Generator Portable 1800 Watt Solar and Dual Wind Generator Kit

Lastly, we have the Ultimate Natures Generator Portable Solar and Dual Wind Generator Kit. This brings together the best of both worlds, by incorporating (2) Wind Turbines with a 100 Watt Solar Panel for a Hybrid Recharge. If you are concerned about extended run times and nightly power production; this is the kit for you.

You can even expand both your storage capacity and recharge rate, by adding limitless Power Pods (Expansion Batteries) and Solar Panels. Add the Natures Generator Power Transfer Kit and feed power directly to select outlets in your home! No more moving around heavy appliances or running extension cables!

The Dual Wind Turbine Kits are a great solution to off-grid power production in low sunlight areas and high wind zones. By combining Solar and Wind, you can generate your own green power day and night. As always, we are just a phone call away (877-548-3387) and are happy to offer our expertise on all of your Power Production needs!
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