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Spring Sale! + EXTRA 5% Off! Code: SP24 EXP: 5/20
Spring Sale! + EXTRA 5% Off! Code: SP24 EXP: 5/20
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Ultimate Product Guide for Weddings and Special Event Lighting - Solar and Battery-Powered Edition

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Proper Lighting is one of the most important elements to consider when hosting an Event. Lighting sets the tone and is one of the first things guests will notice upon entering your entertainment space. Today we will take a look at a list of our most popular, magical, and not to mention, affordable, battery and solar powered décor items.

Luci Lux Inflatable Solar Light

As you build the functionality of any space, one must envision both the style and color temperature you wish to convey. Warm White is currently the most popular and inviting temperature on the market (2700K – 3500K). As you can see in the below image, the incandescent color creates a perfect environment for hosting.

Created only using Luci Lux Inflatable Solar Lights; there is no need to worry about hard-wired cables or access to outlet plugs. Simply charge-up the lanterns, set your brightness output, and you’re good to go. These fantastic lanterns will provide up to 24 hours of continuous operation on a single charge.

The in-built solar panels will recharge themselves which makes them perfect for multi-day events and outdoor venues.

Oversized Battery-Operated Vintage LED Lights

Our collection of Oversized Vintage LED Lights is our newest addition and can completely transform a space. Available in Tapered, Globe, Oval and Classic; these massive old-fashioned style bulbs can take any special event to the next level. Measuring almost a full foot in length (or longer), the effect that’s created when hanging overhead is indescribable.

Solar Terrarium

The Solar Terrarium is another great option for indoor and outdoor décor. Easily hang or strategically place these hand-made glass vessels around your entertaining space to create vivid, eye-drawing focal points. As seen below, you can add succulents and small plants to create a tiny greenhouse effect which is perfect for fall and spring weddings and events.

Luci Solar String Lights

The Warm White Luci Solar String Lights feature 3 brightness settings with a respectable lumen output as follows: Low (15 Lumens); Medium (50 Lumens); High (100 Lumens). Featuring the ability to recharge via Solar and USB, you will see up to 20 hours of run time on the Low Setting.

String lights are great for overhead lighting commonly seen with outdoor tent-based events, indoor soirees, and intimate dinner parties. You can even transform an average backyard into your ideal hosting area.

Stella Solar Lantern Boho Globe

While sunset and nighttime events are typically the most common; afternoon-based affairs can be elevated using solar and battery powered décor as well. The Stella Boho Solar Globes are a perfect example. They offer a delicate, yet bold design that holds true during the day, available in Sky Blue and Pearl. Once dawn rolls around, the globes will warmly illuminate, transforming the area as the sun starts to set.

San Rafael Estate Solar Mission Lantern

Lastly, the San Rafael Estate Solar Lanterns make for great aisle décor in any classic wedding setting. Designed mainly for outdoor occasions, the Estate Solar Lanterns can easily be relocated indoors after charging, making them the perfect option for outdoor/indoor ceremonies.

Creating a well-crafted, inviting entertaining space is as much of an art form as any. Having access to all-in-one lighting solutions will make this process infinitely less complicated. As always, we are just a phone call away (877-548-3387) and are happy to offer our expertise on all your Solar and Battery-Powered Décor needs!
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