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Prime Day Sale + EXTRA 10% Off! Code: PD24 EXP: 7/16
Prime Day Sale + EXTRA 10% Off! Code: PD24 EXP: 7/16
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Natures Generator Powerhouse - New Release Spotlight

Posted 11/4/22 | Filed under Product Guides | Comments (0)

The latest and greatest from Natures Generator is here and it is a showstopper. With massive expansion capabilities, split phase 120V/240V output features and the most affordable design on the market; the Natures Generator Powerhouse is sure to be a game changer.

Today we will be looking at this all-new product and what makes it unique. Let’s get started.

Infinite Expandability

Like its predecessor, the powerhouse has modular expansion features that are user-friendly, price effective and add to the capabilities of the original design.

Each Powerhouse Power Addition increases your storage capacity by 4,800 Wh (4.8 kW)! One expansion pod alone could power a standard energy star fridge for nearly 3 days!

One of the most unique features of the Power Pod Expansion is the built-in Charge Controller. With each addition, you can then add 2000 more Watts of solar panels and even a 1000-Watt Wind Turbine!

And…… Set up is as fast and easy as plugging a phone charger into your wall outlet!

Just plug in the included cable from your Power Pod to the Expansion-In port of your Powerhouse and just like that, you just upgraded your Powerhouse. NO ELECTRICIAN OR HANDYMAN REQUIRED!

The kicker? You can add as many pods as you like to create your very own off-grid entire home system!
Solar Recharge Integration

Let’s talk Solar for a minute. The All-New 410W Mono Perc Solar Cell Panels from Natures Generator were designed specifically for the Powerhouse.

Featuring a higher module conversion efficiency (up to 20.38%) and advanced glass and cell surface textured design; these panels offer excellent performance in low-light environments.

Concerned about durability? The Nature's Generator Powerhouse Power Panel 410W is certified to withstand both wind loads (2400 Pascal) and snow loads (5400 Pascal), and has a high salt mist and ammonia resistance.
Wind Turbine Input Compatibility:

My favorite Powerhouse feature is the in-built and tested Wind Turbine connectivity port. Since solar panels only gather energy during daylight hours, adding a wind turbine allows you to harness free energy even at night! This is perfect for low light months, poor solar zone locations and creating your very own power during stormy and poor weather.

The Powerhouse Wind Turbine has a high-quality cast aluminum alloy body that provides protection from natural elements and its sturdy design provides versatile use, both on land or near water. Powerhouse Transfer Switch

Are you looking for a simple, manual power transfer switch that can be installed in your home to keep your outlets and appliances powered in the event of an outage? Well look no further!

The Power Transfer Switch is installed by an electrician and can power up to 6 circuits in your home, all without the need for running extension cables or moving heavy appliances. Off-Grid Security Camera Solution

If you are truly interested in accessing complete grid independence and desire a reliable, low voltage security system, the Natures Generator Off-Grid Security Camera System is an incredible option and value.

Equipped with Advance AI Human/Motion Detection and Night Vision, this system has the uncanny ability to triggers alerts and send alarms instantly, even at night or during a complete power outage. Supports up to 5MP resolution in a wide field of view of 95 degrees, you are guaranteed to have eyes on your entire properly and know the second something is out of place.

Easily store your recordings via local storage (HDD) or via Cloud for quick and painless playback. The low voltage nature of the product design means it will run for days on end with minimal power usage. The Powerhouse can of course do all the standard solar generator staples like powering your appliances and electronics reliability; however, it truly is so much more and offers features that no other competitor in the space can replicate.

As always, we are just a phone call away (877-548-3387) and are happy to offer our expertise on all of your Solar Generator needs!
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