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Portable Solar Panels and Chargers

Many people take electricity for granted until they don’t have it. It might be at home on a stormy night or at a local campsite when you can’t get the campfire to light and it’s getting dark. Portable solar generators and chargers ensure that you’re never without power no matter the situation. Read More ...

When Do You Use Solar Generators?
People generally assume that solar generators are only used on certain occasions or places, but they’re used everywhere. When a natural disaster hits and entire neighborhoods are without power, military and government agencies can haul in large solar generators to provide power without carrying large amounts of flammable fuels. When you’re camping and you need to operate a radio or lights for around the campsite, you can use some of the smaller portable units.

When you’re alone hiking in the wilderness, you can use a portable solar battery charger to keep your cell phone charged in case of emergencies (or posting that perfect hiking selfie on Facebook.) You can keep small portable solar panels in the trunk during winter with a battery powerpack in case your car breaks down. These occurrences are where having portable solar generators would be beneficial.

Easy Access Flexible Solar Panels
One of the greatest benefits of flexible solar panels is they are easy to store and move. You can fold them up and place them in a trunk or hang them and are ideal for any traveling situation. Many units allow for plugging directly into the battery just like at home. You can run a variety of devices and appliances from power tools to blenders if you want to.

No matter your power needs from big or small, Earthtech Products has the portable solar panels and portable solar chargers to fit your needs. Each one is designed to provide maximum output and is environmentally friendly. There are no fossil fuels to burn or noxious fumes to inhale.

Earthtech Products is Your Home for Portable Solar Products
Earthtech Products prides itself in having the latest and more reliable portable solar generators and chargers on the market. If you’re planning a big camping trip or plan on spending some time off the grid, then contact us today and we’ll set you up with the portable solar products you need.
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