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Spring Sale! + EXTRA 5% Off! Code: SP24 EXP: 5/20
Spring Sale! + EXTRA 5% Off! Code: SP24 EXP: 5/20
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Free Shipping Orders over $99. Ends 5/20.
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Solar Lighting Articles & Info

Solar Lighting Articles & Info

1) Bright Solar Ideas: Other Uses for Your Solar Spot Lights

2) Why Solar Lights are Now a Better Option Than Wired Lighting

3) Get Your Signs Noticed with a Solar Spot Light

4) Solar Lights and the Winter Myth

Bright Solar Ideas: Other Uses for Your Solar Spot Lights

An argument pointed out by most skeptics of solar powered lights is that they can only be used outdoors or only for certain functions. And while this may have been true sometime in the very distant past, modern solar lights today are very versatile and can be used for a variety of reasons

Firstly, if you need lightning in places where electrical wiring is impossible to reach or there is no power source at all, a solar shed light can be very convenient. Because of its design, you can place the solar panel outside while you get illumination inside dark areas like a tool shed or a barn.

Second, a Solar Security Light can actually protect your home from intruders. These kind of solar lights have motion detectors that can switch on the light at any minute. And because it's not connected to electricity, it will work even when the power is out.

And speaking of which, one more great thing about a Solar Spot Light is that it's perfect for use in emergencies like blackouts. What some people don't know about solar lights is that they have rechargeable batteries that store solar power so they actually be transported and used inside one's home. And although you can't use your Solar Spot Light full-time inside your home, most solar spot lights can be used for up to 8 hours which is practically all night. After which you can just recharge it during the day and for use again at night.

Why Solar Lights are Now a Better Option Than Wired Lighting

Despite what most people think, Solar Lights have become more than just a novelty lighting item. For one, they no longer have to be confined in yards and gardens and give off a dim light just to fade in a few hours. If you don't already know, recent advancements have actually made solar lights more efficient and beneficial than your traditional 12V or 120V hardwired lights. Thanks to modern photovoltaic cells, LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) and, essentially, a better understanding of solar energy, the next generation of solar-powered lights are able to absorb and utilize more power from the sun, giving off longer lasting illumination than your typical light bulb.

Due to the recent prominence of LED technology, solar lights are now longer-lasting. Gone are the days of using solar lights that have dim and unreliable Incandescent bulbs. All solar lights now have Light Emitting Diodes that produce brighter light at a much lower wattage than your standard bulbs. Combined with advancements in solar technology, solar lights will not only give you brighter illumination at night, but because of the low energy consumption, solar lights will usually go from 8 to 10 hours, remaining consistently bright until dawn.

And unlike earlier solar lighting, solar lights are now more than just long wires and clunky solar panels. In fact, they're actually easier to install than most lighting systems. You can do without the need to hire expensive professionals that fidget around your home, placing wires and what have you. Nowadays, most solar lights are wireless and that literally makes installing them a snap. Basically, all you do is find a good place to put them (more specifically, somewhere were sunlight shines bright during the day) and that's about it. Some models even have a separate panel so you can collect solar power in an area that has more light.

Forget about what you knew about solar lighting technology of the past. Modern solar lights are so much better than ever before. From Solar Garden Lights to the brightest Solar Spotlights and even Super Bright Solar Motion-Activated Security Lights, Solar Light Technology has been adapted to suit almost all your lighting needs. What front yard wouldn't look better from a 7’ Solar Lamp Post (yes, that’s right 7 foot Solar Lamp Post!) that shines bright during the night and recharges itself during the day? Or how about installing a Solar Security Light that automatically detects motion to keep your home safe at night. With solar lights today, you're just about getting the same brightness you've come to expect from 12V light bulbs but minus the constantly increasing utility costs. And the fact that it's Eco-friendly just makes it even better.

Click here to see our selection of the Best and Brightest Solar Outdoor Lighting in the market.

Get Your Signs Noticed with a Solar Spot Light

When you have a light that's powered directly by the sun, what more could you possibly need? Imagine your billboard at night, all lit up by a very powerful spot light that's neither costly nor hard to maintain. Solar Spot Lights can provide you with all the bright light you need to keep your signs and billboards visible all night.

Thanks to recent innovations in Solar Power Technology, solar lights are now more powerful than ever. A single Solar Spot Light can actually provide you with more efficiency than your typical incandescent bulbs. With their powerful LED bulbs and long-lasting solar panels and rechargeable batteries, it's not quite difficult to see why more and more commercial establishments are now starting to prefer Solar Spot Lights instead of the costly hard-wired lighting alternatives.

Add to that the fact that because these lights are all wireless and easy to install, you can practically place them in any area that needs bright illumination. Amazing solar spot lights like the Dual Solar Floodlight with Surface Mount can be put in a number of difficult positions that typical lights just can't even come close to achieving. Plus, you don't have to deal with pesky professionals who will bill you insane amounts of money just to place wires all over the place. Solar spot lights are virtually activated once you place them on the desired area!

And finally, when you start using Solar Spot Lights, you can just forget about having to pay monthly utility bills. Because all the power you need is being generated by the sun, a solar landscape light, can provide you with the extreme brightness of a powerful spotlight without the annoying need to pay monthly fees. That in itself is reason enough to shine a light on solar technology.

So whether you're mounting it for a high-rise billboard or a sign down in a humble hometown establishment, a solar spot light will be a great way not only to care for the environment but also to save money while getting the best lighting equipment available. Make your signs stand out with a Solar Spot Light today!

Solar Lights and the Winter Myth

Apprehensive of purchasing Solar Lights for your home? Why? Solar Lights are more than just a novelty lighting item for your garden or yard. Solar Lighting has, in fact, been developed to be consistently bright, reliable and virtually maintenance-free. And with its monthly utility costs of zero dollars, it's definitely a must-have for any modern home.

However, one of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to Solar Lights is that some people think they will only work in the summer. Which, when you think about it, is like saying that the sun never comes out to light up the Earth during winter. Because contrary to what some naysayers believe, Solar Lights will still work well during winter or basically, during days when sunlight is limited.

Solar Lights actually operate through internal batteries, which collect energy from the sun during the daytime, powering up the LED bulbs at night with its collected solar power. Which is why during those low sunlight days, Solar Lights will still function at night, as bright as always. However, because your collected solar energy is limited, it will operate for a slightly shorter period of time – Perhaps 6-8 hours compared to 8-10 hours.

And the good thing about it is once you've installed your solar lights, they will automatically charge up and switch on everyday due to a nifty little innovation called a light sensor. No more daily maintenance issues or monthly utility bills to take care of. And whether it's summer, fall or winter, you can be sure that your Solar Lights will shine on and keep your homes illuminated through the night.

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