Spring Sale! + EXTRA 5% Off! Code: SP24 EXP: 5/17
Spring Sale! + EXTRA 5% Off! Code: SP24 EXP: 5/17
Spring Sale! + EXTRA 5% Off! Code: SP24 EXP: 5/17

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Solar Chargers & Panels

Earthtech Products has been researching and testing solar panels and solar chargers for over 7 years now and we have reviewed most of them. We are featuring only the best solar chargers available today based on quality, efficiency, and durability in the real world. Earthtech customers who purchase our solar chargers and solar panels range from everyday people to the most die hard extremists who

Solar Chargers Buying Guide

When deciding which solar charger is best for you and your application there are a few steps to go through that will help you ascertain which type of solar charger you will need based on your specific needs.

The first thing to do when selecting a solar charger is to understand what your power needs are so you can purchase a solar charger that will not be too weak for your needs or too large (and too expensive) for your needs. The objective is to select a solar charger that can handle your equipment so you are not disappointed with actual run times and charging times. Equally it is not necessary to purchase a solar charger that can run a refrigerator and cost a lot of money when you only need to charge a cell phone or camera battery.

So, the first step is to take an actual inventory of the equipment and devices you want to charge with your new solar charger. We recommend making a list. On your list you should also indicate how many watts or amps your equipment draws when in use and for how many hours per day you will need to run those devices. For an example your list should look something like this:

Equipment needed to run with Solar Charger:

Cell phone 5 watts or 400 mah. Hours needed per day: 5 hours
Laptop Computer 50 watts or 4000 mah. Hours needed per day: 3 Hours