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Solar Chargers & Panels

Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 Kit - Hand Crank Lantern with Solar Panel
Have a reliable light and power source all in one for both camping and emergencies with the Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 Kit. This solar kit includes the Nomad 7 solar panel and the Lighthouse LED Lantern,...
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Earthtech Products: The Authority in Solar Chargers & Solar Panel Kits!

Earthtech Products has been researching and testing solar panels and solar chargers for over 7 years now and we have reviewed most of them. We are featuring only the best solar chargers available today based on quality, efficiency, and durability in the real world. Earthtech customers who purchase our solar chargers and solar panel kits range from everyday people to the most die hard extremists who have used our solar chargers in the far corners of the world. Our Solar Chargers have been used in the hottest and coldest locations. Whether you are looking for a carry along travel USB solar charger or panel or a complete solar charging station for hours of remote power we’ve got you covered! The Earthtech Products Solar Charger lineup includes Portable Solar Chargers and Solar Panel Kits, Rigid 12 Volt Solar Panels and Kits, and Solar Generators for backup OFF grid emergency use. [Read Our Solar Chargers Buying Guide]
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Need Help Finding the Right Solar Charger?

Solar Chargers and Solar Panel Kit Buying Guide:

When deciding which solar charger is best for you and your application there are a few steps to go through that will help you ascertain which type of solar charger or kit you will need based on your specific needs.

The first thing to do when selecting a solar charger is to understand what your power needs are so you can purchase a solar charger that will not be too weak for your needs or too large (and too expensive) for your needs. The objective is to select a solar charger that can handle your equipment so you are not disappointed with actual run times and charging times. Equally it is not necessary to purchase a solar charger that can run a refrigerator and cost a lot of money when you only need to charge a cell phone or camera battery.

So, the first step is to take an actual inventory of the equipment and portable electronic devices you want to charge with your new solar charger. We recommend making a list. On your list you should also indicate how many watts or amps your equipment draws when in use and for how many hours per day you will need to run those devices. For an example your list should look something like this:

Equipment needed to run with Solar Charger:

Cell phone 5 watts or 400 mah. Hours needed per day: 5 hours
Laptop Computer 50 watts or 4000 mah. Hours needed per day: 3 Hours

Ok, so now that we know what our actual power needs are, we are ready to select a solar charger or solar panel kit. Based on the above example you can take the number of hours needed times the amps for total amp hours needed per day for that device.


Cell Phone 400 mah x 5 hours = 2000 mah needed per day to run your cell phone.
Laptop Computer 4000 mah x 3 hours= 12000 mah needed per day to run your Laptop.

Total Power needed: 14000 mah (or 14 amp hours) a day to run your devices.

Now we know that we need 14 amps out of a solar charger daily to meet your needs. Your actual power needs might be more or a lot less. While shopping at Earthtech Products you will find that generating 14 amps with one single solar panel or charger is difficult because that’s a lot of power to be getting exclusively from the sun daily. Not to worry our complete solar panel kits are designed to handle this with some extra components for power storage. Since our above example has high power needs a backup battery will be required with your solar panel kit. With a back up battery you can store power from your solar charger inside the battery and then run your equipment right off the battery. The specification to look for on our site is the battery size, which will be defined by amps. You will need at least a 14-amp battery in order to run your equipment for the hours per day you specified.

You are probably wondering how many hours will it take to charge a 14-amp battery with a solar charger? The answer is quite simple: A 1 amp solar charger will charge up a 14-amp hour battery in 14 hours. Simply take the amp hours of the battery and divide it by the amperage output of the solar charger. Example: 14 amps divided by 1 amp = 14 hours. If you want to reduce those charging times simply pick a more powerful solar charger.

*Please note: If you do not have the amperage specification handy simply take the watts of your device divided by 12 to get the amps. Example: 5 watt cell phone divided by 12 = 0.400 (or 400 mah) Now you know your cell phone requires 400 mah per hour to run. If you just need to run a cell phone most solar chargers generate 400 mah an hour to run your cell phone with out a back up battery. While shopping at Earthtech Products simply look for solar chargers that generate 400 mah per hour. This information can be found in specifications on the products detail page. Also, most cell phones like the iPhone and many portable electronics like the iPad are chargeable via an USB port. We have a large selection of USB solar chargers. When calculating charge times and run times for USB powered electronics it's important to note that an USB solar charger will output power at 500 mah only. This is a standard output for USB devices. If you have an 8 amp battery in your iPad and you will be using a USB solar charger outputting the 500 mah per hour it will take 16 hours to completely charge (8000 mah or 8 amps divided by 500 mah equals 16).

If you need further assistance in selecting the right solar charger for you don't hesitate to contact us via our live chat feature, email, or simply give us a call at 1-877-548-3387. Our solar experts are standing by! Read our solar chargers reviews and buy the best solar chargers for sale for your iPhone, iPad, cell phone, laptop, AA Batteries, 12V Batteries, OFF Grid, USB devices and more.

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