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Emergency Survival Supplies & Backup Power

Emergency Survival Supplies & Backup Power

5 Person Deluxe Home and Office Survival Kit
This modern era is full of uncertainties. No one can predict the occurrence of natural disasters, so it is better to be prepared well in advance with disaster survival kits. Deluxe Home and Office Surv...
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Earthtech Products Your Ultimate Survival Store!

At anytime catastrophe can hit leaving you and your family on their own to fend for themselves. You no longer have to feel helpless and reliant on others when you have an emergency preparedness plan. Earthtech Products has many options to help you with checking off the items on your survival supplies checklist with a vast of emergency preparedness supplies such as an Emergency Survival Kit, Survival Food and other Survival Gear you may need. Emergency Supply Kits and Food Survival Supplies are a great way to be prepared for just about any emergency. Whether you are unsure of being prepared for 2012 or not, just remember survival kits do not really expire and Wise Long Term Food Storage products have a shelf life up to 25 years, so hey why wait? Besides basic essentials for survival there are Emergency Backup Power solutions as well from Solar Panels with Battery Backup to Solar Chargers for cell phones and other electronics. Earthtech Products is your Survival Headquarters.
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Be Calamity Ready: Complete Your Emergency Preparedness Checklist

It is literally impossible to anticipate when you'll face your next big emergency. It could be a simple power outage or an all-out blizzard. Who knows? But if you have been watching the news then you would know that it could never be too early to start preparing for the inevitable. Typhoons, earthquakes and hurricanes will come and the only question is when. The good thing about this, though, is that more and more products are now available, specially made for your safety and well being during a crisis. Being calamity ready today may only involve a few clicks of the mouse so procrastination should not be option at this point.

First of all, you should start with the most essential: FOOD. Imagine your family trapped inside your home because of a punishing snowstorm. Access to a grocery store (which may only have a 72-hour supply on their shelves) is impossible. But still, feeding your family is top priority. So where do you get food? For this, it is best if you store on Food Packages like the Wise Foods Freeze Dried Foods developed by the Wise Company. These set meals are perfect for long-term storage as they have been freeze-dried and dehydrated so that they will last up to 25 years or even longer. They only take up small space and you can store them in your panic room or attic today and they'll still be edible after more than two decades. What's also great about Wise Foods is that preparing the food packages only requires water (hot or cold, doesn't matter), which is essential when you're trapped and access to gas lines may have been disconnected. And, of course, the fact that they taste like gourmet foods is definitely a plus. It is recommended that you get at least a week's food supply stored and ready for consumption.

Second, Special Emergency Survival Kits are basically your Emergency Essentials such as water purifiers, flashlights, communication devices, dust masks, first aid kits and other emergency survival gear. It cannot be stressed how important having a survival kit on hand is. From water purifying tablets to first aid kits, everything inside an Emergency Survival Kit is essential for ensuring that you and your family make it through any emergency. Which is also the reason why packing a good survival kit is a bit tricky. What should you pack? What shouldn't you pack? A very big consolation for you is that there are ready-made Emergency Survival Kits available today. Some of them come in easy-to-carry bags while some come in waterproof containers. But all in all, very much complete with everything you might need when faced with an emergency.

Lastly, getting yourself a source of Emergency Backup Power can be both a source of comfort and survival in times of disaster. A solar generator for some lighting at night or a solar battery charger for ensuring your cellphone doesn't die during a crucial moment are important aspects that are often neglected when preparing for a calamity. Invest in a good solar generator to ensure that your home will retain its functionality during times when you need or are forced to go off the grid.

Disaster Preparedness is definitely not a subject to be ignored, having the right emergency preparedness checklist is key to assuring you and your family's survival and well-being. And whether you believe that 2012 is the end of the world or not, it is always important that we hope for the best but always prepare for the worst. Remember, these products have very long shelf lives (in upwards of 25 years) so chances are you will at some point between now and then have a use for survival food and survival supplies.
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