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Goal Zero Yeti 1250 with Boulder 100 Watt Briefcase Solar Panel Kit

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Product Details
Whether you are camping, building a shed, or experiencing a power outage, the Goal Zero Yeti 1250 with Boulder 100 Watt Briefcase Solar Panel Kit offers you all the power you need. Silent, clean, safe, and easy to use indoors or out. No noise, no fumes, no gasoline, no wasted power. Charge from the sun with solar panels or from the regular wall outlet.

Ideal for: Lights, Phones, Tablets, Laptops, DSLR Cameras, CPAP, TV, Fridge
Silent AC or solar power generation. It takes the same amount of time to charge your device from a Goal Zero 1250 power pack as it does from the wall outlet at home
Safe to operate indoors and rated for continuous duty
Includes three 2.1A USB Outlets. The USB port best charges all your large sized or multiple USB powered devices
Includes a 12V charging port. The 12V port best charges all your 12V powered devices
There are three AC Outlets (pure-sine wave) on the Yeti 1250. Plug in your device just as you would the wall at home
Interface makes it easy to use and monitor performance
Comes with one Boulder 100 Watt Briefcase Solar Panel for a quicker recharge!
Includes solar panel travel carrying case for easy transport and protection
Very dependable thanks to highly efficient monocrystalline solar cells
Designed with a durable metal frame for rugged use and years of service
Take Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator Kit on camping trips, tailgating parties and even road trips on the RV. This solar generator can literally do it all
Comes with a 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

There are 3 ways to charge your Goal Zero Yeti 1250:

The Sun
The Goal Zero Yeti 1250 can be charged by connecting a compatible solar panel. This kit includes one Boulder 100 Briefcase Solar Panel.

The Goal Zero Yeti 1250 can be recharged from a regular wall outlet in about 18 hours. You can charge your Yeti with solar panels, and a wall charger at the same time.

Although not the most ideal recharge time, the Goal Zero Yeti 1250 can also be charged by plugging into your car 12V adapter in about 44 hours. You will need to purchase an 8.0mm to 12V Charger.

How many times will the Yeti 1250 charge your device?

Headlamp (4 Watt-Hours): 300+ Charges
Smartphone (5-7 Watt-Hours): 100+ Charges
GoPro (5 Watt-Hours): 200+ Charges
Digital Camera (8 Watt-Hours): 100+ Charges
Tablet (25-42 Watt-Hours): 45+ Charges
Laptop (50 Watt-Hours): 20+ Charges

* Full-size refrigerator runtimes from the Yeti 1250 are dependent on several factors, including the year, make and model of your refrigerator, as well as its volume, fullness and usage. We actively test a variety of refrigerators to determine an average runtime. For the longest runtimes and to optimize performance, we suggest limiting the opening and closing of refrigerator doors when powering from the Yeti 1250.

Manufacturer: GoalZero
Product Name: Yeti 1250 with Boulder 100 Watt Briefcase Solar Panel Kit
Product Type: Solar Generator Kit
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year
Yeti 1250
INPUTS : 2 x 8mm Charge Ports - 16-20V, 10A max (200W) each
Power Pole Charging Port - 16-48V, 20A max (250W)
OUTPUTS: 3 x AC standard US outlets 110V AC 60Hz pure-sine wave, 1200W max total continuous, 1500W max short-duration
Female 12V port 111-14V, 10A max (120@), unregulated
2 x 6mm 12V ports 11-14V, 6A max each (72W), unregulated
12V Power Pole port 12-14V, 30A max (360W), unregulated
3 x USB ports 5V, 1.5A mx (7.5W) each, regulated
Battery Type: Lead-acid (AGM)
Battery Capacity: 1250Wh (12V, 100Ah)
Battery voltage range: 11-14.8V
Life Span: Hundreds of cycles
Fuse: 200A (4x50A fuses in parallel)
Inverter: 1200W pure-sine wave inverter
Charge Controller: 20A MPPT
Shelf Life: Charge every 3-4 months
Chainable: Yeti 1250's and other 12V AGM batteries
Weight: 103 lbs
Dimensions: 16 x 11.5 x 14.5 in (410 x 305 x 370 cm)
Certifications: FCC, CE and CSA
Operating Usage Temp: 32-104 F (0-40 C)
Optimal Storage Temp: 70 F (21 C)
Boulder 100 Watt Briefcase Solar Panel
Product Dimensions: 40.0 x 26.75 x 1.75 in (101.6 x 70 x 4.4 cm)
Solar Panel Type: Monocrystalline
Rated Power: 100 Watts
Open Circuit Voltage: 18-22V
Ports: Solar Port (blue, 8mm): 14-22V, up to 7A (100W max)
Product Weight: 25.9 lbs (11.7 kg)
Chainable: Yes: Up to 400W.
Charges the Following: Sherpa 50: 3 Hours
Sherpa 100: 3-4 Hours
Goal Zero Yeti 150: 3-6 Hours
Goal Zero Yeti 400: 8-16 Hours
Goal Zero Yeti 1250: 25-53 Hours
Goal Zero Yeti 1400: 29-57 Hours
Manufacturer Warranty: 12 months

Boulder 100 Briefcase Solar Panel Product Manual
What's Included
What's Included:

• (1) Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Powerpack
• (1) Boulder 100 Briefcase Solar Panel
• (1) Wall charging cable
• (1) Rolling cart with handle for Yeti
• (1) Solar panel carrying case
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Review Summary
4 Reviews
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25% (1)
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100% Recommend this product (4 of 4 responses)
By Nancy
Lawrence, KS
1250 Generator
May 22, 2019
This generator worked great at our cabin in Colorado. It allowed our thermostat controlled heater to operate. We plan to use this generator as a backup to the panels we are having installed.
By Grick
Yeti 1250
April 10, 2019
This unit was purchased to be used to power, fans, pumps, and misc lights in a growing dome greenhouse. It is an excellent unit but, the so called standard 6 mm dc plugs are a pain to find, hence the 4 stars instead of 5.
I believe that these connectors should be stocked so that dyi folks can have the correct connectors for these applications, because most of the fans and pumps come without connectors or have the 5.5 mm connectors instead of the 6 mm.
  • Nice size unit and complete.
  • Fits small green house easily
  • No emissions.
  • Has numerous dc plugs
  • Easily attaches to extra batteries for more power reserve
  • Made for many camping, home uses
  • Can be charged from 110 home outlet, or solar panels
  • Comes with its own two wheel cart for mobility
  • 6 mm connectors are not easily obtained
  • 5.5 mm would have been a better choice
  • It is a heavy unit, battery alone weighs 56 lbs
By Marti
Excellent product
June 18, 2018
Exactly what I expected. Easy to set up and charge. This will make my life in the back country so much easier.
By Darren O.
Sunny Florida
Yeti 1250
October 5, 2017
Extremely pleased with Goal product. Noiseless dependable power source that can be made ready in a second's notice.
  • Ease of operation made it well worth the purchase price.
Q&A Summary
7 Questions & 7 Answers
from Chico, ca asked:
June 29, 2019
How long would it take to charge the unit with 7500w generator?monica
1 Answer
Using a single AC wall charger connected to a gas or propane generator, would take 20-24 hours. You can connect up to four, with 2 chargers taking roughly 10-12 hours for a full recharge. Thank you for your inquiry!
Submitted by: Chris Pesce on July 1, 2019

james johnson
from FL asked:
February 9, 2019
what is your latest model ? cost? available? capacity ??
1 Answer
The Most recent models are the Yeti Lithium Line. Including the Yeti 1000: The Yeti 1400: The Yeti 3000: They are all currently in stock and the pricing information can be found on the above product pages. Please let us know if you have any additional questions. Thank you for your inquiry!
Submitted by: Chris Pesce on February 11, 2019

from NY asked:
June 24, 2018
How long does it take to charge using solar power?
1 Answer
The Yeti 1250 paired with the included 100 Watt Boulder Solar Panel features a recharge rate between 25-53 Hours. Feel free to add more solar panels to increase this recharge rate. Thank you for your inquiry!
Submitted by: Chris Pesce on June 25, 2018

from sacramento ca asked:
March 10, 2018
How do you start the generator? (the vid clip shows the guy pulling a cord like an old lawnmower)
1 Answer
You simply press the power button to turn on the Yeti 1250 Generator system. Thank you for your inquiry!
Submitted by: Customer Service on March 12, 2018

Daryll Flanders
from Florida asked:
September 29, 2017
Do you have a specialized model that would offer say 60 quarts of food cooling. Maybe some phone charge and light capability. Something to replace a basic house gas generator. Compact and portable way to fill the gap of the needs of all those who have been devastated by natural disasters. If solar power is ever going to advance this is the time to do it.
1 Answer
60 quarts is equal to approximately 2 cubic feet so assuming we are talking about a mini fridge, the Yeti 1250 battery pack by itself would run that mini fridge approximately 20 hours. When you add in the recharge power from the solar then that time extends so it may be possible to run the mini fridge continuously if you use a minimum of 200 watts of solar. The larger the unit, (i.e. Yeti 1400, Yeti 3000) the longer the run time for the fridge. If you would like to discuss your options in more detail please feel free to give us a call at 1-877-548-3387 or you can email us at
Submitted by: Customer Service on October 3, 2017

from Mexico MO asked:
September 22, 2017
Can it be transported inside as lugged on a airplane example Delta if I flight to the Caribbean?
1 Answer
We've had other customers successfully travel with the Yeti 1250 because it has a sealed lead acid battery. The best thing to do would be to contact the airline that you are planning on traveling with and ask them if they allow the transport of a back up power supply that has an internal sealed lead acid battery, most likely it would have to be checked in. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us at 1-877-548-3387 or you can email us at
Submitted by: Customer Service on September 25, 2017

John Stewart
from Ut asked:
July 6, 2017
how much does the replaceable lithium-ion battery cost
1 Answer
The Goal Zero Yeti 1250 with Boulder 100 Watt Briefcase Solar Panel Kit features a 100 Ah Lead-acid (AGM) battery. This replacement battery is $219.99 and can be purchased by contacting us directly at 877-548-3387. Thank you for your inquiry!
Submitted by: Customer Service on July 6, 2017

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