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The Solar Charging iPad Case - for iPad 2, iPad 3

The Solar Charging iPad Case - for iPad 2, iPad 3

The Solar Charging iPad Case - for iPad 2, iPad 3
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Give your iPad a major upgrade with the The Solar Charging iPad Case. This eco-friendly iPad cover has a built-in solar ink solar panel that recharges your iPad to give you more power wherever you go. Whether out on the streets or inside your office, this iPad case will absorb all light to give you longer, uninterrupted iPad use. And it protects it from bumps and scratches too!

For 30 Pin iPads only (not compatable with iPads that use the new lighting connector)

Make your Apple tablet even better with the Solar Charging iPad Case
Uses New Solar Ink Technology - can absorb both indoor and outdoor light for your gadgets
High-capacity Battery - has a 10A battery built into the case to store excess energy
USB Power Charger - can also recharge your iPhone and other gadgets directly
Multiple Stands - has convenient Keyboard Stand and Movie Stand
Built-in HDMI Port - connect your iPad to a bigger screen with ease
Auto Sleep and Wake Feature - switches your iPad from standby to on with a flip of the flap
Whistle-Locator - beeps when you whistle so you can find your gadget easily
Durable Eco-friendly Case - made from green but durable materials for maximum iPad protection

The Essential Solar Charging iPad Case
The Solar Charging iPad Case is the essential iPad cover for anyone who loves to use their iPad but can't seem to get enough battery life to accommodate all their app-loving needs. This handy iPad 3 and iPad 2 cover has an integrated solar panel that features new solar ink technology which absorbs BOTH outdoor and indoor light which is then stored in a rechargeable high capacity 10A battery that continuously re-energizes your iPad while you use it. So whether in the sun or in the office, your iPad is getting a quick energy boost.

Maximize Your iPad Experience
With the Solar Charging iPad Case, your beloved tablet now becomes even more amazing. This solar iPad Case is loaded with many features that will make the iPad even better. Thanks to an extended battery, USB Power-out charger, HDMI port, Whistle Locator, Keyboard Stand, Movie Stand and the Automatic Sleep/Wake feature, your iPad now turns into something truly indispensable.

Also Turns Into a Gadget and iPhone Charger
And aside from being a solar charger for your iPad, the Solar Charging iPad Case can also recharge your other gadgets. A built-in USB Power Out allows you to charge your phone, camera and other USB-based devices. And not to mention that this case is also made to be extra eco-friendly. Aside from utilizing the sun and all forms of light, this iPad Case is boasts of biodegradable grain materials and the worlds only indoor operating organic solar panel. A definite must-have for all gadget lovers!

Manufacturer: Kudo
Product Name: Kudo Case - The Solar Charging iPad Case
Product Type: iPad Case/Cover with Solar Panel
Dimensions: 7.8" x 10.7" x 0.82"
Weight: 22.4oz
Solar Ink: ~0.5W | 40-110mAh | 4.7V
Battery: 10A | Transfer Rate 93%
Docking 30Pin Output to iPad: 5V at 2.1A
USB Output Charge: 2.1A
Compatibility: for iPad 2 and iPad 3

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I recharge my Solar Charging iPad Case?
A: First, insert your iPad into the case and then plug in to an outlet and be sure to use ONLY the Charging Cord provided with the Solar Charging iPad Case along with ONLY the adapter / charger that came with your iPad.†The case will not charge with an iPhone or other wall† adapter / charger that is not 5V and 2.1A, so make sure to use the charger provided with the iPad

Q: How do I know my Solar Charging iPad Case is charging once I plug it in?
A: Once plugged in the green LED indicator light will come on and blink every few seconds. †If it comes on for just a brief moment then the power is going directly to your iPad.† Once your iPad is charged, or if your iPad is already full the case will then automatically divert the power to its own battery and the Green LED Indicator Light will blink every few seconds. †Once both your iPad and solar case are fully charged the charging indicator will remain on a solid green light and you are ready to go!

Q: How long will I be able to use my iPad once it's inside the Solar Charging Case?
A: It will vary for everyone depending on the types of applications used, amount of time spent using iPad, how much ambient light is absorbed during down time, etc.† The average user will get 8-10 days of use before both the iPad and the case need to be plugged into the wall.

Q: How often will I have to recharge the Solar Charging iPad Case?
A: This will also vary for everyone depending on the types of applications used, amount of time spent using iPad, how much ambient light is absorbed during down time, etc. Your Solar Charging iPad Case will tell you when itís time to recharge with the LED Power Indicator Display. If no lights on the case come on when the iPad goes from sleep to wake mode, then the iPad cover is likely very low. If your iPad is less than 100% and not charging while you are using your iPad then the case is out of battery and needs a lot of light or to be plugged back into the wall.

Q: What can I charge with the USB Power out Port?
A: The Solar Charging iPad Case can recharge any device that uses a USB charging cable.†It can recharge gadgets like your iPhone or camera.

What's Included:

•  (1) Solar Charging iPad Case for iPad 2 / iPad 3
•  (1) USB charging cable (to be used with iPad Wall adapter)

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