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Earthtech Products 12 kWh Solar Generator Kit with 2,640 Watts of Solar for Homes and Off-Grid

Earthtech Products 12 kWh Solar Generator Kit with 2,640 Watts of Solar for Homes and Off-Grid

Earthtech Products 12 kWh Solar Generator Kit with 2,640 Watts of Solar for Homes and Off-Grid
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Item Code: 0904-Kit
Ship Weight: 942 lbs.
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Sale Price: $19,899.00
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The Earthtech Products 12 kWh Solar Generator Kit is ready to power heavy loads or provide power to small and medium loads, for an extended period of time. The beauty of lithium energy storage is that it packs a lot of power into a small space. Traditional batteries would take up five times the space as one Humless 12 kWh power system. Pre-configured, all-in-one, drop-in back-up power storage. Own your power, with The Humless Off-Grid Series 12 kWh Solar Generator Kit.

Versatile: Great for Lights, CPAP, TV, Refrigerator, Freezer, Microwave, Kitchen Appliances, Washer, Power Tools, Pumps, Gas Assist Heating, Air Conditioning and so much more!
Eco-Friendly Energy Storage: Renewable energy is the way of the future. No gas, no emissions and no loud noise; The Humless Series create a clean way to charge, store and use energy.
User Friendly: Simple to use and dependable, this pre-configured system offers huge UPS capabilities with zero installation configuration.
Long Lasting: Cycle Life on system is rated for 3,500+ cycles (daily use ~9.5 yrs)!
Pure Sine: Featuring a 3.3 kWh Pure Sine Wave Inverter for reliable power.
Output: Featuring (4) 120 V AC Receptacles.
Warranty: Includes a 8 Year Manufacturers Warranty.
Installation: Must be performed by Certified Electrician. Please contact Earthtech Products at 877-548-3387 for a quick, over the phone certification.
Solar Power: Includes (8) 330 Watt Solar panels for a total of 2,640 Watts!

This Product May Be Eligible For A 30% Tax Credit.
Visit to view your specific states rebate program(s).

There are 2 ways to charge your Humless Off-Grid Series 12 kWh Home Backup Battery Powered Generator:

The Sun
The Humless Off-Grid Series 12 kWh System can be charged by connecting included solar panels.

AC Power
The Humless Off-Grid Series 12 kWh System can be recharged via 110V or 220V Input.

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Manufacturer: Humless
Manufacturer Warranty: 8 Year
Application environment: Indoor OR outdoors in NEMA 4/5 enclosure
Normal ambient temperature: 22+/-5 C
Case temperature: <55 C on full load discharging status
Normal ambient moisture: <= 90%
Storage temperature: -10~+60 C
Storage moisture: <= 90%
Altitude: 2,000m
Cooling: Fan & Convection
Industrial Design: Steel powder coated, standard rack dimensions
500 mm x 500 mm x 998 mm (19.68" x 19.68" x 39.29")
Estimated total system weight (incl. battery): 517 lbs
AC Charger
AC charging model : CC: Constant Current, CV: Constant Voltage
Input AC voltage: 90~285 Vac
Input AC frequency: 50Hz OR 60Hz (5%)
Max. power output to battery: 1.8kW (120Vac), 3kW (240Vac)
Over voltage protection: Yes
Low voltage protection: Yes
Max AC amperage protection: Yes, self-limit
Temperature protection (hot/cold): Yes/No
Efficiency: >93%
Power Factor: >0.98
DC Charger
DC Inputs: Variable (solar, wind, other)
MPPT: Yes; 99%
MPPT rated/operating Vdc range: 100~300 Vdc / 100~300 Vdc(5%)
Max. power output to battery: 1.8kW (120Vac), 3kW (240Vac)
Max. power output to battery: 2kW
Over voltage protection: Yes, auto-reset
Low voltage protection: Yes
Max amperage protection: Yes, self-limit
Temperature protection (hot/cold): Yes/No
Reverse polarity protection: Yes
Excess power saver: Yes, divert additional Power > 2.2kW
Efficiency: >90%
Arc fault circuit interupt (AFCI): Yes, self-protect but not UL1699B
AC Out: Inverter
Output wave form/THD: PSW Pure Sine Wave/ <4%
Grid-tied/Back-feed detect & shutdown: No; off-grid (NOT designed to auto-tie into grid)
Output AC voltage: 120+/-10V
Output AC frequency: 60Hz
Inverter efficiency: >88%
Max. consistant output power: 3kW
Peak output power: 3.3kW
Startup peak power: 9.6kW <500ms
Overload protection: Yes
Over temperature protection: Yes
Input reverse connection protection: Yes
Output short protection: Yes
By-pass functionality: Yes, 120Vac (<30 ms)
Low Voltage Protection: Yes
Parallel & Series (120Vac -> 240Vac; 3kW+3kW=6kW): No
Front Panel
Remote control access: Yes, 802.11 wireless (two way on/off/report/monitoring)
Data Logging & Storage: Yes
Phantom parasitic load: 40W (system ON) / 0W (system OFF)
DC Input: Voltage: 100-300Vdc
Max. Power in: 2.2kW
AC Input: Voltage: 90-285Vac
DC output 1: Voltage: ~48Vdc (Nominal match battery voltage)
Current: max. 5A
Battery (incl. BMS)
Manual Disconnect System from Battery: Yes
Battery type: LFP
Battery standard voltage: 48Vdc Nominal
Battery volume: 250Ah
Battery Cycle Life (100% DOD; 25 degrees Celcius): 3,500+
Battery Standards: UN38.3
Telco Communication: Yes
RS232; RS 435
Safety requirement/Standards
FCC: Conform to FCC Part 15 Subpart J Class B
CE: Yes
UL: Not certifed but UL standards used in design
*Does not conform to UL1741 and CSA 107.1 for utility interactive applications
330 Watt Solar Panel (8 included in kit)
Weight: 40.78 lbs
Solar Panel Type: Monocrystalline
Dimensions: 62.6" x 41.5" inches
Max. power (Pmax): 330W
Max. power voltage (Vmp): 58V
Max. power current (Imp): 5.70A
Open circuit voltage (Voc): 69.7V
Short circuit current (Isc): 6.07A
Max. over current rating: 15A
Power tolerance [%]: +10/-0
Max. system voltage: 1000V
Max. power current (Imp): 5.70A
Solar Panel efficiency: 19.7%
Temperature (NOCT): 44.0C
Temp. coefficient of Pmax: -0.29C
Temp. coefficient of Voc: -0.174C
Temp. coefficient of lsc: 1.82C

Product Manual

Transfer Switch Manual

Product Manual

What's Included:

•  (1) Humless Off-Grid Series 12 kWh Home Backup Battery Powered Generator
•  (8) 330 Watt Solar Panel
•  (1) Code Labels
•  (1) Wire Clips
•  (2) 15 ft PV Cable
•  (2) 6 ft PV Cable
•  (1) Combiner Box
•  (1) Disconnect
•  (2) 50' Solar MC4 to MC4 PV Cable

11 Questions & 11 Answers
Raymond Provencal
from Lakeland, Fl. asked:
January 20, 2019
What are the physical dimensions of the unit, and the solar panels? Thanks, Ray
1 Answer
The Main Unit is 19.68" x 19.68" x 39.29", with the solar panels being 62.6" x 41.5" inches per panel. Thank you for your inquiry!
Submitted by: Chris Pesce on January 21, 2019

from Lagos, Nigeria. asked:
February 10, 2018
What is the battery configuration for this solar generator in terms of amperage and number of batteries?
1 Answer
The 12 kWh Solar Generator Kit features an internal 250 Ah 48 Vdc Lithium battery. Thank you for your inquiry!
Submitted by: Customer Service on February 12, 2018

Ernest Soukup
from Texas asked:
January 21, 2018
Can two systems be paralleled for more power output?
1 Answer
You can indeed connect multiple systems in parallel to create a larger backup system. Thank you for your inquiry!
Submitted by: Customer Service on January 22, 2018

from Palm Coast, Fl asked:
December 13, 2017
Is this unit EMP Protected?
1 Answer
The unit is not designed with inbuilt EMP protection. We recommend using a Faraday cage for extra protection against possible EMP damage. Thank you for your inquiry!
Submitted by: Customer Service on December 13, 2017

Brian Howe
from Petersburg, PA asked:
December 9, 2017
We are going off the grid. Will this product interface with an LP gas powered generator for cloudy days? Will I need a transfer switch?
1 Answer
Yes, however it will require the use of a transfer switch. Thank you for your inquiry!
Submitted by: Customer Service on December 12, 2017

from Titisville, Florida asked:
October 5, 2017
Recently survived Hurricane Irma. Lost power for 48 hours, but it could have been much worse. Will this unit power my entire home (including fridge, freezer, oven, central A/C, TV) when the power goes off? Does it automatically switch on when the grid goes down (any delay times)?
1 Answer
This unit will not power your entire home but it will work to power energy star fridges, freezers, fans, lights, TV, computer, laptops, cell phones, etc. We do not recommend any solar units for A/C since they draw a lot of power. This system can be tied into a back up sub panel by an electrician which can power certain designated circuits. The automatic power transfer would be dependent on the transfer switch chosen and installed by your electrician.
Submitted by: Customer Service on October 9, 2017

from Miami asked:
October 5, 2017
Do those panel go on the roof?
1 Answer
Yes, the panels are designed to be mounted on the roof. However, they are not limited to roof mounting. We have had customers utilize pressure treated wood racks when roof space is not available. Thank you for your inquiry!
Submitted by: Customer Service on October 6, 2017

Stanley Lynch
from Miami, FL asked:
September 13, 2017
Can this solar power generator support a central AC unit? If so, what is the maximum capacity and for how many hours a day?
1 Answer
It can run AC but the amount of time will depend on the amount of watts (or amps) that your AC runs at. If you can let us know what your particular system wattage or amperage is we can definitely do the calculations for you. You can contact us at 1-877-548-3387 or email us at
Submitted by: Customer Service on September 14, 2017

john wyn
from Marietta, Georgia asked:
September 13, 2017
would I able to use this system every day and disconnected power from power company?
1 Answer
This system is an "off-grid" solar generator and has a good size battery bank and 2,640 watts of solar so that would be no problem. If you let us know what items you are looking to run from the unit we can advise if it would be the right size unit for you. You can reach us at 1-877-548-3387 or you can email the information to
Submitted by: Customer Service on September 14, 2017

Jim Wooten
from Gulfport, MSS asked:
September 8, 2017
Do any of your systems offer both AC and DC outlets?
1 Answer
A built in DC output is more common with the portable units, such as the Yeti 1250, Yeti 1400 and Humless Go, Portable Generators. These units feature both AC and DC outputs. Thank you for your inquiry!
Submitted by: Customer Service on September 11, 2017

from Syracuse,In asked:
August 24, 2017
How long does it take to put a full charge into the aforementioned generator unit? Can additional 330 watt solar panels be added for a more robust capability?
1 Answer
It takes anywhere from 5 to 8 hours to fully recharge using the included solar input. The solar input capacity is at its maximum allowance with the included 2640 watts of solar and therefore cannot be increased. Thank you for your inquiry!
Submitted by: Customer Service on August 25, 2017

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