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Voltaic Generator Solar Laptop Charger Bag

Voltaic Generator Solar Laptop Charger Bag

Voltaic Generator Solar Laptop Charger Bag
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The Voltaic Generator is the first solar bag powerful enough to charge a laptop

Solar panel generates up to 16 watts using 18% efficient cells, enough to fully charge the Voltaic battery in about 7 hours.
The included battery pack extends laptop runtime by up to 2X, fills smartphones up to 8 times.
Common adaptors are included for connection to laptops, phones, iPhone, iPod, and other handheld devices via USB adapter.
Fabrics made from recycled PET (soda bottles), which is tough and water resistant.

Please Note: Not all Laptop Manufacturers enable charging from external batteries and our adaptors do not fit all laptops. Results may vary by model, but laptops by Apple, Dell, HP, IBM/Lenovo and Panasonic typically do charge. Brands less likely to charge include Fujitsu, Sony and Toshiba.

*To use with Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and Macbook you will need this reconfigured Apple MagSafe our related items tab above.

The solar panel is waterproof, scratch resistant, and UV resistant. It uses high efficiency (18%) monocrystalline cells. The panel generates up to 15 watts of power which will recharge the Voltaic battery from approximately 7 hours of direct sunlight.

600D shell made from 100% recycled PET (soda bottles). Webbing, mesh and 150D lining all made from 100% recycled PET. Aluminum frame covered in UV resistant PU. Aluminum and PU hardware. Silicon handle.

Indicator light near the handle shows when the panel is generating a charge.

Bag Specifications:
Material: 600D shell made from 100% recycled PET (soda bottles). Which is waterproof, lightweight and UV resistant
Weight: 4.5 lbs (2,050 grams) including solar panel and battery
Dimensions: 18" wide x 13.5" wide x 3.5" deep (46cm x 34cm wide x 9cm deep) -- will hold up to a 17" MacBook Pro
Volume: 575 cubic inches (9.5 liters)
Battery Pack Specifications:
Weight: 1.23 lbs
Approx. dimensions: 7.3" x 5" x 1"
Capacity: 20,000 mAh, 72 Wh
Output: 5V/2A USB, and 12V/4A, 16V/3.5A, 19V/3A (two output ports)
Input: 14-20 V, 1.2 A
Maximum Output Power: 57 Watts
Charge Time: In direct sun, battery fully charges in 14.5 hours from 10 Watts and in 9 hours from 16.8 Watts of solar panels. Can also be charged using included DC or AC chargers.
Battery Type: Lithium Polymer
Protection: Short Circuit, Over Charge, Over Discharge, Over Current, Over Temperature
Charge Display: LEDs light sequentially when charging.
Capacity Display: 1 light < 20%, 2 lights < 40%, 3 lights < 60%, 4 lights < 80% full, 5 lights > 95%
Included adapters allow you to: Connect to laptops via 10 standard adapters. Charge devices from the USB Port using your own cable or the standard mini and micro USB adapters. Connect to car-powered devices with the car charger socket.
Manufacturer's warranty: 1 year
Solar Panel Specifications:
Solar Cells: Monocrystalline
Open Circuit Voltage: 20V
Closed Circuit Voltage: 17.5V
Peak Current: 958 mA
Peak Watts: 16.8 Watts total peak output at 18 Volts

Acer : compatible with the included adapter set
Asus: compatible with the included adapter set
HP: compatible with the included adapter set
Lenovo: compatible with the included adapter set
Toshiba: compatible with the included adapter set
Vaio: compatible with the included adapter set
Apple: Requires optional reconfigured MagSafe adapter or Apples' Airline adapter connected to our optional car charger socket.. Newer, more efficient MacBooks (unibody) are more efficient than older MacBooks
Dell: Voltaic's external battery will not re-charge the battery on the Dell, but it will run the laptop. This means you should not run your Dell battery completely flat when planning to use an external battery.

Cell Phones & Smart Phones:
Apple: iPhone 1G, 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4G, 4S, iPod Touch, Classic, Nano, Shuffle
BlackBerry: Bold 9700, Curve 8330, Curve 8520, Pearl 8130, Storm 9530, Tour 9630
Flip: SlideHD, MinoHD, UltraHD
HTC: Eris, Evo, HD2, HD7 Hero, Incredible, Rhyme, Trophy, Thunderbolt
LG: Chocolate (requires optional adapter), Incite, Revolution, Rumor
Kodak: zi6, zi8
Motorola: Backflip, Droid, Droid X, Pro and 2
Nokia: N72, N900, N97 Mini, X3, X6
Samsung: Epic, Charge, Galaxy S and X, Instinct, Mythic, Rogue
Palm: Pre, Veer

Apple: iPad, iPad 2 (via Apple USB cable)
BlackBerry : Playbook
LG : T-Mobile G-Slate
Motorola : XOOM (12V setting, requires XOOM car charger and optional car charger socket)
Nook : Color (via Nook USB cable)
Samsung : Galaxy Tab, Tab 10.1 (via Samsung USB cable)

Digital Cameras:
You can charge digital camera batteries using an optional camera cradle matched to the battery in your camera. Connect the cradle to the battery at 12V or directly to the panels.

This is a short list of some of the more popular phones and handheld devices. If you have a question about compatibility with your device or expected charge times, please email us at

Adapters for most common laptops are included as well as adapters for common cell phones.

The battery has an integrated 5V USB socket which works with most USB chargers and iPhones, iPods, iPads and other apple devices using your Apple USB cable.

There is also a lightweight AC travel charger, so you can still recharge the battery when not in the sun.

Please note: Apple does not allow 3rd parties to license the MagSafe plug, so this is not yet included in the standard set. To use with Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and Macbook you will need this reconfigured Apple MagSafe our related items tab above.

Included with every bag is a Lithium Polymer battery with 57Wh output. This is about the same size of a typical small laptop battery. Solar power is stored in the battery inside the bag, ready to run a laptop or other device when needed.

A USB plug on top of the battery connects to standard USB chargers. It also provides 5V output to the standard and optional phone adaptors which charge most popular cell phones.

The voltage selector on the front of the battery allows for manual selection of voltage ranges 3.5-5.0V, 5.0-6.5V, 6.5-8.4V and 12-20V (by double clicking the button). Within the voltage range, the battery automatically adjusts to deliver the required voltage. This range satisfies the requirements for most hand held electronics and laptop computers. Note: Even though the voltage may be correct, not all manufacturers enable devices to charge from external batteries.

A DC In plug on the side of the battery connects to power from the solar panel or an included AC charger.

A charge indicator on the face of the battery shows when the battery is receiving a charge. When connected to the solar panel, this will come on when the panel is placed in direct sunlight. It shows red when charging at higher power levels and green when trickle charging (either because the battery is nearly full or in cloudy conditions). There is also a battery level Indicator which shows the charge remaining in the battery.

Approximate Charging Times: Hours Direct Sunlight:
Voltaic Battery Pack (equivalent to typical notebook battery) 7 hours
Cell Phone <1 Hour
Digital Camera <1-2 Hours
GPS <1 Hour
iPod <1 Hour

*Charge times may be increased in cloudy weather, high temperatures, or where panel are not angled towards the sun. Note: this refers to the amount of time in the sun required to generate enough charge to fully charge the listed device. It may take longer for that charge to flow from the Voltaic battery to the device. A typical cell phone takes 2 hours to charge even from AC power, it will likely take that long for that charge to flow from the Voltaic battery to the cell phone. However one hour in the sun should be enough time to generate and store that charge in the Voltaic battery.

*To use with Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and Macbook you will need this reconfigured Apple MagSafe our related items tab above.

This is the Voltaic Generator. It's designed to charge laptops and all sorts of electronics. On the outside of the Generator, you see this panel. This is a 16 Watt Solar Panel. It's super tough so it'll take a beating. And this produces power that eventually charges your laptop. Let's take a look.

So on the inside of the bag, we have a battery. And this is a 72 watt battery, which is bigger than most, probably, the battery inside most 13 to 15 inch laptops. So you can charge this battery from the solar panel or from the AC charger that's included with the bag. Now, let's you walk you through how you charge you device.

On the outside, we have a power button, and so now the battery is on and you can select between 12, 16 or 19 Volts, depending on what your laptop requires. And then, you can connect to your laptop through one of these many adapters that we include. If you have a Macbook, we know many of you do, there is a solution for you. We have an optional car charger socket which looks something like this, and from Apple you can get an airline adapter. You plug that airline adapter to the car charger socket. Again, turn on the battery and connect that to your Macbook.

For other devices, like if you have a cellphone or a tablet, we have a USB port here so you just plug in the USB cable that came with your iPad and other electronics and you can connect there. We also include a number of standard adapters like USB, mini USB, Nokia and other standard adapters.

So this battery when full, will charge a smartphone 8 times. It will charge a tablet between 1 and a half and 2 times. And in most cases, it will more than double the run time on your laptop.

Back here, we have a storage case that's padded and nice and soft for your laptop. You can put documents here. And then, you can put cables and any other thing you need in your life in these storage compartments. So good amount of storage and obviously power to charge up your electronics.

It can be carried either like a briefcase. It also comes with a shoulder strap that you can remove if you like. Carry here or across the shoulder. And then on the back, we have a nice Voltaic logo. So that's the Generator. The Generator is a solar laptop charger with a nice 16 Watts of solar power on the outside and a battery designed to charge your laptop or any other hand-held electronics pretty anytime you need the power.

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Voltaic Generator Solar Laptop Charger Bag

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